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PSC Sea Fishing

Mike Gerrard 21.01.2010

PSC Fishing from Bangsaray Harbour

Mike Gerrard 06.01.2010

Ahoy ye sea dogs. (ladies excepted)

PSC Fishing from Bangsaray Harbour

Our crew today were predominately from Bangkok, and being of a much younger age than yours truly they decided they would like to start out at 6.00 hours (For the non military types this means 6:00 am in the morning).

PSC Sea Fishing Sunday, November 22

Ahoy ye landlubbers.

Those who want to make fishing easy and enjoyable can go anyday to Soi 28, 200 meters from Soi 53 Nern Plubwaan Road to a little piece of Pattaya that is truly a fishing paradise, it’s called Jimmy’s Fishing Park.

Pattaya Sports Club (Sea) Fishing News

Recent trips have proved to be very poor due to various reasons. Firstly the weather conditions at this time of the year can be very unpredictable and caution is foremost in everyone’s mind when venturing too far out. I will come back to this point later in this report.


We have had three trips this last month and although the catches have been good it appears that this time of the year we have to be very careful about the weather.

EU wants smaller fishing feet to help stocks

RAF Casert Associated Press Writer 21.04.2009

PSC Fishing Sunday 15th Feb

Mike Gerrard 06.03.2009
EU wants smaller fishing feet to help stocks

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — with almost all stocks overfished, the European Commission on Wednesday called for drastic cuts in the EU's 90,000-strong fishing feet and subsidies to safeguard a sustainable and economically viable fishing industry.

PSC Fishing Sunday 15th Feb

A slightly different slant to the outing today. This was a private family charter for the day, which included women and small children. It was obvious that the emphasis would not be on intensive fishing all day.

A Great Catch of the Day PSC Fishing

About 2 months ago, our Vice President (and the, then, Fishing Chairman) informed the Committee that sadly his boat BUA DOLPHIN had finally succumbed to father time and as far as he was aware it could well be in DAVY JONE'S locker.



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