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Story of the Year

The Story of the Year

Story of the Year, Part 5: Josh Hamilton

Story of the Year, Part 6: Venus and Serena Williams

Of all the great stories of this year, the resurgence of Venus and Serena Williams was the most overlooked. After their domination at the All England Club the first time they had met in a Grand Slam final since 2003 and the fifth time Venus had won Wimbledon they snagged doubles gold together in Beijing. Serena then went to New York and won the U.S.

Story of the Year, Part 7: Boston Celtics

The green and white returns to the top of the mountain.

The Story of the Year

Story of the Year, Part 1: Yankee Stadium

Story of the Year, Part 3: Lance Armstrong and David Tyree

Lance Armstrong stood on a stage in a hotel ballroom in Manhattan and clapped Bill Clinton on the back like an old friend. In front of them were more than 50 heads of state, countless diplomats in crisp white shirts, Bono and Al Gore. But at that moment, the attention was on only these two different seeming men and their efforts to change the world.



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