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Pattaya International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013

Pattaya Times Pattaya Times 23.03.2013

Undesirable Foreigners Under Investigation

Bangkok and Pattaya Police reports, Pattaya Provincial Court records, Clark County NV District Court 21.03.2013
Pattaya International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013

Pattaya International Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 running to the 4th year in Pattaya with the famous designers and models to promote Thai made fashion brands and fashion design students to show their talents.

Undesirable Foreigners Under Investigation

Several government agencies including private investigators are looking into foreigners living in the Bangkok and Pattaya areas who have been disrupting Thai society by causing fabricated disputes between foreign businessmen and retirees. In several recent cases retirees have been blogging on the Internet and using the court system to file false charges to damage the reputation of outstanding, foreign business people working and living in Thailand. These actions are damaging to society and will be stopped, a leading Thai police official says. Among those known to be under investigation are Andrew Michael Drummond of Bangkok, Andre Johannes Machielsen of Naklua, James C Phillips of Las Vegas and Pattaya, Stuart "Joe" Furstman of Nongprue and Thor Ferris Halland also of Nongprue. All men have been involved in recent court cases and are known to conspire together to make attacks on Expat business people in Thailand using blogs on the Internet.


Andre Machielsen Loses Court Case Against Drew Noyes Drew Noyes, Andre Machielsen, Andrew Drummond, Thor Halland 16.02.2013

In a rather bizarre case that concluded yesterday, Drew Noyes was found not guilty on all charges brought by Andre Machielsen. The case was dismissed by the presiding judge. Criminal charges are now being filed against Mr. Machielsen for more serious crimes than he alleged Mr. Noyes committed. Another defamation case brought by Machielsen"s close friend James (Jim) C Phillips against Drew Noyes was also dismissed in Las Vegas Nevada. Both cases were blogged about by Andrew Drummond except for their dismissals.

Aroy Seafood Market Buffet is held every Saturday at the Sheraton Pattaya Resort

Sheraton Pattaya Resort has announced a new dinner promotion on Saturdays.

Ask Drew Noyes


I have a one year old daughter in Pattaya who lives with her mother, we are a couple and the baby has my family name, and has a British passport. I am the sole provider for all that's needed, as in rent and anything else that's required

Pattaya City Hospital Nearing Completion But Requires Further Funds

The Pattaya City Hospital will have a total of 82 inpatient beds and is expected to open in February-March 2013.

Bangkok's first weekly newspaper announced

Pattaya Times staff writter Bangkok Pattaya Weekly newspaper 06.02.2013
Bangkok's first weekly newspaper announced

Bangkok's first weekly newspaper has been announced at a press conference in Bangkok. The Bangkok Pattaya Weekly newspaper will start distribution on Valentine's Day. This publication will be the first weekly newspaper about Bangkok.

Ready for Bang Saen GP 2012

Mr. Sontaya Khunpleum, Culture Minister and director of this competition; Mr. Wittaya Khunpleum, Chonburi Provincial Administration (PAO) Chairman; Mr. Komsan Aekchai, Governor of Chonburi; and Mr. Narongchai Khunpleum, Mayor of Sansuk municipality, recently held a press conference to publicize the “Bangsaen Thailand Speed Festival 2012”, collaborating with Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sports Authority of Thailand, Chonburi province, Chonburi Provincial Administration, Chonburi’s Sansuk Municipality and Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (R.A.A.T).

Pattaya Star City Academy introduces youth to the entertainment industry

The Pattaya Star City Academy is located in Soi Siam Country Club and covers an area of approximately half an acre. The interior is designed with various training facilities for the development of the human personality. The trainers are professional artists and super stars. The Academy is open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm every day.

Centara Grand Mirage Pattaya earns 2012 SmartTravel Top 25 Leisure Resorts in Asia award

Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort, Pattaya has been honored as one of the top 25 leisure hotels and resorts in Asia by Smart Travel Asia.

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