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Background Check of Bangkok Journalist Andrew Drummond

LinkedIn, News Reports, Pattaya Police 23.07.2014
Background Check of Bangkok Journalist Andrew Drummond

Investigative Journalist Andrew Drummond now faces time in a Thai jial for repeated offenses against the public by knowingly publishing false articles and fake photos about people onto the internet. Drummond was convicted in February and sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for one year with probation for posting a knowingly false criminal accusation against two foreign businessmen working in Thailand. Now four more vitims have filed police reports and the cases are going to court. What is the backgrounfd of Andrew Drummond?

Comfy choice offered with Centara Koh Chang sunset sand sofas

There is nothing like a romantic surprise to make a holiday unforgettable, and the three Sand Sofa dinner options offered by Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort will ensure a memorable evening with the sunset providing the perfect backdrop.

“CENTRIC SEA PATTAYA” the new condo at the heart of the dazzling tourist city.

SC ASSET Corporation Public Company Limited introduces CENTRIC SEA PATTAYA, the new condo which is only 380 meters from Pattaya Beach. The project is located at the center of the city in Central Pattaya, surrounded by five-star hotels, various tourist destinations and entertaining options and close to Central Festival and Big C.

Sempai Junior McInnes triumphs as Junior Middleweight WKO Champion Shorin Kempo

Junior is the son of Robert “Sifu” McInnes, Founder of the S.E. Asia International School of Martial Arts

Criminal Case Against Thonglor Clinic, Mike Goulet, Goes to Court Next Month

Court Record Thonglor Clinic Dr. Michelle "Mike" Goulet 26.08.2013

Ask One Stop Legal Services buying an existing company in Pattaya

Drew Noyes, One Stop Legal Service Thailand Drew Noyes, One Stop Legal Service Pattaya 26.08.2013
Criminal Case Against Thonglor Clinic, Mike Goulet,  Goes to Court Next Month

Justice may finally prevail as Thonglor Clinic owners and Dr. Michelle "Mike" Goulet face criminal charges. After physical examined by a specialist at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya of a patient who received a filler injection around his eyes, charges were filed against the Thonglor Clinic owners including Goulet.

Dear Drew: I look for the Pattaya Times every time I visit Pattaya so I can read your articles. My question is, what can One Stop Legal Services and your fine self do to help me buy an existing company that owns a house I really like in Pattaya. I do not want to put the house in my Thai girlfriend's name or set up another company because the transfer fee is 6.5 percent of the value of 15 million baht, or roughly one million baht for transferring ownership. So I'll buy the company so I don't have to go to the Land Office. So I ask, what is required? Regards, Johnny Mac

Breaking news: Video Discovered of Police Raid at Mike Goulet's Thonglor Clinic, doctor arrested, counterfeit drugs seized

Pattaya Times Staff Reporter Royal Thai Police, Criminal Court, Mike Goulet 24.08.2013
Breaking news: Video Discovered of Police Raid at Mike Goulet's Thonglor Clinic, doctor arrested, counterfeit drugs seized

Video surfaces proving the Royal Thai Police, Consumer Protection and FDA agents raided the Thonglor "Forever Young" Clinic, seizing many dangerous, counterfeit drugs and arresting a doctor in the act of injecting the fake drugs into a patient. Recently, criminal charges have been filed against Michelle Oscar "Mike" Goulet, a veterinarian in Australia, who was allegedly dealing with Thonglor Clinic patients and directing courses of treatments and surgery identifying himself as "Dr. Mike Goulet, the face of the Thonglor Clinic."

Pattaya Movie Theatre Locations and Information on Movies and Showtimes

In Pattaya there are two movie theater cinema companies providing multiple screens in shopping plazas.They are SFX Cinema/ SF Cinemas and Major Cinamplex. The locations, featured movies now playing and showtimes are available on the websites.

Classical Tenor Kim Jun Man Performs in Concert April 6 at the Royal Cliff Pattaya

Major cultural musical event in Pattaya at Royal Cliff Professional Events Thailand, Co., Ltd. 03.04.2013

Pattaya Zoom Festival 2013

Pattaya Times Professional Events Thailand 23.03.2013
Classical Tenor Kim Jun Man Performs in Concert April 6 at the Royal Cliff Pattaya

Professional Events Thailand Co., Ltd. is proud to announce “A Royal Cliff Opera Evening.” Join the true fans of one of the world's best vocalists for a musical Saturday night at the Royal Cliff in Pattaya. On April 6th, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group proudly presents world-renowned Tenor Kim Jun Man and friends in the Grand Hotel’s Head of State Chamber at 18.30 hrs. Kim Jun Man made his professional debut at the age of 30 at Roma Theatre. He has performed in a variety of productions around the world including Rome, Switzerland and in Vienna. He has performed more than 1,200 galas and solo concerts in Europe, Australia, Asia and the U.S.A. His repertoire includes several arias and over 1000 Italian Canzone, Spanish compositions, Latin American tunes as well as popular, contemporary songs. Last year Kim Jun Man performed at major venues in Thailand. His concert in Bangkok's Cultural Arts Centre in Thong Lor and Jun's concert at Pattaya's Tiffany Theatre were both sold out. Now is your chance ffor a wonderful evening of fabulous music at the Royal Cliff.

Pattaya Zoom Festival 2013

The biggest electronic music and dance festival in Thailand with over 30 DJs and 3 stages which electronic music fans and music lovers are expecting to attend these two full days at the Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. Professional Events Thailand, based in Pattaya, is honored to support the organizer Elite Entertainment from Bangkok in promoting the DJ Contest Zoom Music Festival. This 3-evening event will be fantastic with many surprises, stars and honored guests. Join the fun in Pattaya.

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