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Pattaya Beach

Central Festival Pattaya Beach Hosts Junior VIP's

Visith pinpawong Pattaya Times News 21.03.2010
Central Festival Pattaya Beach Hosts Junior VIP's

Central Festival Pattaya Beach hosted a Junior VIP Card Campaign to let the kids start their summer with a refreshing ‘Ice Cream Mania’ competition in which the winner receives free ice cream for six months.

Pattaya City Reorganizes Umbrellas Along Pattaya Beach

The Pattaya City team led by Pattaya Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Ekkasing recently reorganized the umbrellas along the Pattaya beach to make sure there is at least 50% recreational area in accordance to the rule set out by the Chonburi government.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Central Festival Pattaya Beach recently celebrated its frst birthday with a grand ‘First Anniversary Festival’ to rejoice being the biggest and most successful shopping center in the Eastern Region.

Luxury Cars Displayed at Cent Festival Pattaya Beach

Central Festival Pattaya Beach joined with MunMaak Company to bring in 500 million baht worth of luxury cars to be displayed at their recent Super Car Show.

11th Burapha Graphic Art Exhibition Held at Central Festival Pattaya Beach

Burapha University recently joined with Central Festival Pattaya Beach to host the 11th Burapha Graphic Art Exhibition that was a hit with both Thai and foreigners.



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