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An Italian Restaurant that Truly Ticks All the Boxes

Siripun Sinbuathong and Nattawadee Keawthairat 10.06.2012
Domaine Alain Chabanon Champagne Dinner

Richard Marco (left), Resident Manager of Amari Orchid Hotel Pattaya and a guest enjoying glasses of Trelans by Alain Chabanon at the opening dinner and wine tasting.

An Italian Restaurant that Truly Ticks All the Boxes

There are probably hundreds of Italian restaurants in Pattaya. From small pizza joints to five-star restaurants, there is a wide range of options and something for everyone. Good Italian restaurants are just about everywhere because every place seems to boast that their own food is the most “authentic” and the most delicious. But how can you find THE Italian Restaurant that truly ticks all the boxes? Well, you search and search and continue searching until you find it; we must admit that is exactly what we’ve been doing, and just recently, we’ve found it!

Dinner with Wine Maker at Mantra

Siripun Sinbuathong 10.02.2011
Dinner with Wine Maker at Mantra

On February 19,the Mantra Restaurant and Bar will be hosting an exclusive wine dinner where a member of one of the oldest wine producing families of the Alsace, Mr. Etienne Hugel will be attending.

Foodland International Wine Tasting

Wine Festival Held at Foodland

Staff Writer 19.05.2010
Royal Cliff Wine Club Celebrates its 9th Anniversary in Style

Wine Festival Held at Foodland

Cheaper Chardonnays with Charm

Colin Kirkpatrick 05.05.2010
Cheaper Chardonnays with Charm

Royal Cliff Beach Resort to Hold ‘Sauvignon Blanc’ Blind Wine Tasting


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