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Thailand National Law Day Celebrated by Judges, Lawyers, Police, Military  Pattaya Business Leaders Invited

A special remembrance day was held at the Pattaya Provincial Court to commemorate the life of Prince Rapee Pattanasak who is deemed as the “Father of the Thai Legal System”.

Settlement Broken in 5 Million Baht Lawsuit Against Andrew Drummond

Drummond ordered back in Pattaya Court

Ask Drew-Divorce

Drew Noyes 18.03.2011
Popular Former MP Enters Political Race with Progressive Platform

Chanyut Hengtrakool Opens Pattaya Law Firm Helping Poor-Former national Member of Parliament and Advisor to the first Ministry of Tourism and Sport Chanyut Hengtrakool announced his intentions to run again to serve the people of the region which includes Pattaya City.

Ask Drew-Divorce

Dear Drew, I have been recommended to you by a friend who lives and has a wife and family in Thailand, also through the "Teak Door" ex-pat site.


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