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Governor Orders Hotels to Track Foreigners

By Visith Pinpawong 29.02.2012
Chonburi Immigration Organizes a Service Outreach at Regents School

Willing to host similar programs for easy visa renewals

Governor Orders Hotels to Track Foreigners

Owners operating beer bars on the ground floor, with rooms for rent on the upper floors, must keep clear documents of all their foreign visitors.

Chonburi Immigration Report

Wanrapa Boonsu 22.02.2011
Chonburi Immigration Hosts Training Project and Introduces Mascot

Chonburi Immigration police officers recently underwent a training program to improve service quality under the 'Service Mind' policy established by the Royal Thai Police along with introducing an immigration mascot as a symbol of the police's smiling and friendly service.

Chonburi Immigration Report

The Pattaya Times newspaper and website reporters conducted an exclusive interview with the man picked up and detained by Chonburi Immigration for a previous conviction of sex with a minor child, 72-year-old Captain Roderick William Robinson, an unlimited tonnage captain who worked on oil rigs.

New Immigration Chief Allows 90-Day Reporting by Mail

Visith Pinpawong Pattaya Times newspaper and website 15.02.2011
New Immigration Chief Allows 90-Day Reporting by Mail

According to the Pattaya Times, of today, foreigners who were issued their six-month or one-year visas by the Chonburi Immigration Bureau no longer have to go to the immigration office to report in person every 90 days.

British Charge D’Affaires Visits Chonburi Immigration

The new British Charge D’Affaires Asif Ahmad was recently in Pattaya where he met British Honorary Consul for Pattaya Howard Miller and Consul Officer Sasamon Kempookiew.

Conference looks at Immigration Fraud

Siripun Sinbuathong 06.05.2010
Conference looks at Immigration Fraud

Lobby Group Attacks Tory Pledge to Limit Migrants Because it Would ‘Irritate Chinese and Indians’




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