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‘Community Policing’ Campaign will Reduce Crime

The Crime Suppression Division of Region 2 recently established a ‘Police to Service the Community’ Campaign, also known as the ‘Community Policing’ Campaign, in hopes of enhancing safety and reducing crime in Pattaya.

New Crackdown on Entertainment Venues Begins

Over Half of Venues in Pattaya Operating Illegally, Says New Chief

Second Banglamung Police Station Opens in Nongprue Subdistrict

Nongprue residents can now feel safer as the Banglamung Police recently opened up a new police office in the area. The new station is located on Nerbplapwan Road about 4 kilometers from Sukhumvit near the old Nopngprue government office and the new football stadium.

Police Crackdown on New Crime by Foreigners in Thailand: Boiler Rooms

"Boiler room" is an expression for hot telephones burning up the lines while articulate "Phone jockeys" spew promises of great returns on investments to unwitting people they call whom they do not know and never talked to before.

Pattaya Police Raid Nets Counterfeit Clothing Valued at Over Half a Million

The warehouse of one of Pattaya’s biggest shipping companies located in Naklua Soi 14, Pornkrit Transport Co., Ltd. was recently raided by the police after rumors circulated that the company was Pattaya’s biggest supplier of copied brand name clothing including well known brands like Polo, Lacoste and Abercrombie.

The Human Trafficking Suppression Police in Pattaya have been very active in Pattaya during the past 18 months with many arrests targeting many illegal brothels that are using legitimate bussinesses as a front.

Crackdown on Underaged Partygoers

Visith Pinpawong 07.02.2011

Police Crackdown Clears the Streets

Siripun Sinbuathong 20.01.2011
Crackdown on Underaged Partygoers

The national public sector watchdog is pushing for a tightening of the laws to make sure entertainment venues in Pattaya remain off-limits to teenagers.

Police Crackdown Clears the Streets

Thirty tourist police officers recently cleaned up the streets of Pattaya arresting street beggars and unpleasant street workers. The purpose of the arrests was to make sure that tourists in Pattaya are not hassled or disturbed while walking around as well as to increase safety along the sidewalks.

New Foreign Police Boss Elected

Visith Pinpawong 03.01.2011
Police Crackdown on Foreign Bars Continues

Pattaya police continue the crackdown on foreign-related bars in an effort to change Pattaya's international image and to squelch the use and sale of drugs in Pattaya bars.

New Foreign Police Boss Elected

The Chairman of Pattaya’s Foreign Police Volunteers (FPV) was recently elected with Mr. Sukkarach Kalla winning with the most votes.

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