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Pattya Times News 21.03.2010

For Asian Gays, Every Day is Fridae!

Nicholas Snow 22.02.2010

For Asian Gays, Every Day is Fridae!

If you met Stuart Koe on a dance foor you could assume he might be a personaltrainer, a bartender, a fashionmodel—these are the obvious choicesbased upon frst glance. When frst visiting, one of the world’s leading LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgendered) web sites, youmight initially think it’s all about dating.

Fulfill your fantasy in Samuifantasia 2009 November 27-28 Koh Samui

Pattaya-based Thailand Spice magazine, Thailand’s leading entertainment magazine, is the print media sponsor for gCircuit’s largest gay beach party in Asia called the Samuifantasia 2009.



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