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Father Ray

Remembering Father Ray

Thongchai Poojareon 23.08.2009

New pavillion for children in need

Tatsana Bannasan 06.08.2009
Remembering Father Ray

The Father Ray Remembering Day was recently held in Pattaya to mark the 6th Anniversary of the passing of Fr. Ray Brennan who started changing the lives of underprivileged and abused children and disabled young adults in Pattaya 35 years ago.

New pavillion for children in need

A new Multi-Purpose Sala (pavilion) supported by the Pattaya Sports Club was opened at Father Ray’s Children’s Village, Mabprachan district, on July 18. Father Ray Foundation president, Father Laurense Patin, chaired the opening ceremony.

Disabled People Committee development at the Father Ray Foundation

Woraphan Akaboot Visith Pinpawong Siripun Sinbuathong 06.03.2009
British Ambassador Visits Father Ray Foundation

His Excellency Mr. Quinton Quayle recently visited the Father Ray Foundation to officiate at the opening of the foundation's new 'Welcome Center.'

Disabled People Committee development at the Father Ray Foundation

The Father Ray Foundation held a seminar concerning the development of the Disabled People Committee. The primary objective of the seminar was to try and create harmony and strengthen the relationship between the disabled people and their host guardian.

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