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Father Ray

First Ever Graduates at Father Ray Day Care Center

‘Queen Victoria’ Entertained by Local Students

Father Ray Foundation Welcomes Johnny Reimar to Pattaya

Danish singing legend Johnny Reimar is visiting Pattaya to see the work of Father Ray Foundation and to meet many of the 850 under privileged children and disabled young adults in Father Ray Foundation’s care. Father Ray Foundation is Pattaya’s largest children’s charity.

US Ambassador Visits Pattaya Orphanage and Gives Press Conference

American Ambassador Eric John and Mrs. Sophia John made a very special visit to Pattaya in March to witness the fantastic work ongoing at the Pattaya Orphanage, to meet with the local press and to attend the to view first hand the living legacy of its founder, the late Father Ray Brennan, an American Catholic priest, who established the orphanage in 1972 with the help of American soldiers in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

British Ambassador Visits Father Ray Foundation

His Excellency Mr. Quinton Quayle visited the Father Ray Foundation to officiate at the opening of the foundation's new 'Welcome Center,' in June.

Father Ray Presents Beijing Acrobatics

Some of the extraordinary scenes Pattaya residents and tourists experienced at Pattaya’s Tiffany Theater in September.

Disabled Thais Granted Monthly Support

Siripun Sinbuathong 06.12.2009

Starting in April 2010, 800,000 people registered as disabled can qualify for a monthly allowance provided by the government of 500 baht.

‘Nui’ From Father Ray Foundation Receives ‘Model Youth to the Community’ Award

Ms. Tanaree Fungpinyoparb also known as ‘Nui’, Head Receptionist at the Father Ray Foundation recently received a ‘Model Youth to the Community’ award from Her Royal Highness Princess Ubol Ratana’s ‘Duang Pra Teep’ Foundation.

Charity Tennis for Father Ray Foundation

Siripun Sinbuathong 06.11.2009
Charity Tennis for Father Ray Foundation

The Tennis Friendship Pattaya Group led by Mr. Ourasin Guntoraphan and Mr. Termsak Sribut, along with Mr. Tachaphong Katiwanich, Director of the Tennis Association Pattaya, hosted a tennis competition at the Jomtien Condotel and Village.

Father Ray’s Kids Enjoy a Fun Filled School Holiday

Children in the care of the Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya enjoyed an exciting fun filled October during the school holiday break. The 850 children and disabled young adults participated in activities that ranged from splashing around at the Pattaya Water Park to looking for Pooh Bear honey in Bangkok.

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