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Extended Crackdown on Foreigners by Police Yields Japanese Yakuza Boss

Thailand is actively seeking all wanted foreign criminals who are in Thailand. A Japanese man who was allegedly an organised crime group leader was arrested in downtown Bangkok after feeing an arrest warrant by the Japanese police in Tokyo.

Chief District Attorney Promises Justice for All

On October 19, newly appointed District Chief Prosecutor Mr. Wattana Swatthong met with one of the key witnesses and an alleged victim in the international case developing against Lance Frederick Shaw to assure people in Pattaya and everywhere justice will be served without corruption and this case is no exception regardless of any claims anyone may have made saying Mr. Shaw has protection from prosecution because of police connections.

Foreign Businessman Holds Music Festival Netting One Million Baht for Pattaya School Children

In August the biggest foreigner arranged Music Festival ever held in Pattaya raaised more than 1,000,000 baht to help children continue their education. The concert was held at Tappraya Road’s Chateau Dale Plaza and was organized by the Optimist International Club of Thailand and a new group known as the Pattaya Builder’s Association.

What is a Thailand House Book?

Drew Noyes, Managing Director P.A.P.P.A. Co., Ltd. Legal and Visa Services 16.11.2009
Pattaya City Sets Up New Committee Dealing with Jet Ski Problems

Pattaya City is preparing for all Jet Ski owners to register their skis as well as set up a new committee to handle all of the water sports in Pattaya after receiving complaints from customers about being treated unfairly.

It is possible to own the house or the condominium unit or the building on a parcel of land. You get a receipt for payment and are issued a “House Book” (in Thai it is called a “Tabien Ban”), not a title deed for all of these kinds of property.

No foreigners found violating law on buying, renting farmland in Thailand

(TNA) - Concerned Thai officials will continue monitoring whether foreigners have violated law on buying or renting farmland to engage in agriculture in the kingdom although initial investigation found that such a practice does not exist, Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot said.

Thai Law for Foreigners

“Thai Law for Foreigners” is a book seeking to explain all aspects of Thai Law that an outsider would need or want to know in regards to living in Thailand. It is written in a dual language of English and Thai, which is very helpful for all readers.


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