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Foreigners in Thailand Closely Watching Thai "Shirts" Reaction to Arab Protesters

Pattaya Times Breaking News CNN, Google, Pattaya Times newspaper staff 10.02.2011
Foreigners in Thailand Closely Watching Thai "Shirts" Reaction to Arab Protesters

Foreigners in Thailand and ASEAN are closely following breaking news on the amazing and unprecedented events in the Middle East as the movement to overthrow governments may ripple through even more countries into Thailand causing a potential overthrow of the current government. "Like we hope happens in Egypt, we want an orderly transition into democracy in Thailand. Prime Minister Abhisit was not elected by the people to govern Thailand. He was appointed after the illegal overthrow of an elected Prime Minister in 2006, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Thailand wants democracy and we are going to get it. The world supports the citizens in the streets of Cairo and they will support us in Bangkok with our political movement," said a major Red Shirt leader in Pattaya.

Red Shirts Set Next Rally on Anniversary of Royal Pardon Request

Mr. Nattawut Saikua, representative for the ‘red shirts’ said that their next gathering will be in Khon Kaen Province on October 17.


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