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Ask Drew-Consignment

Drew Noyes 03.06.2011

Hi Drew, It's Paul one of the people who bought a "condo" at Moon Light Hill on Pratamnak Hill. First of all thanks, I told Jeff etc that you wont let him down and would help him with the condo he bought at Moon Light Hill off the plan five years ago. Now that it is built, they say he can not own it.

Dear Mr. Noyes, My name is Jeff and I purchased a 2002 Harley Davidson Road King that was on consignment at Ironhorse Pattaya in April right before Songkran. At the time of purchase I was told that Ironhorse would take care of all the paperwork for the title transfer. This did not happen.

Ask Drew-Divorce


Dear Drew Noyes, I got your contact details from the Forum's site. My wife and I are getting an amicable divorce this year after she left in 2007. We are both Danish and got married in Thailand in 2000 under Thai Law.

Dear Drew, Once and for all you may be the guy who can give a definitive statement on what the heck we can buy in the way of poperty and what we can't buy. I'd also like to know about leasing property. Thanks, Miffed UK

Ask Drew-Buying a house in Thailand

Dear Drew, I come from England am now living in Pattaya and really do want to buy a house here.

Ask Drew Noyes, Definition of Marriage in Thailand

Hello Drew, I got your email contact address from your newspaper (very good read btw) and would like your expert advice. My Thai girlfriend and I had a Thai wedding ceremony in her village about 8 years ago but we are not legally married - i.e. not registered at any Amphur. Just had the Thai wedding ceremony only.


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