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Smile-Activated Vending Machine Coming to Thailand

Darren Quick "from Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine" 15.07.2010
Pattaya Company Producing World Class Ice Cream

Dream Cones Ltd. is a Thai corporation which manufactures top-of-the-line, halal, super-premium Italian ice cream (gelato) and ice cream ingredients right here in Pattaya. They also sell ice cream manufacturing and display equipment. Most of their international customers are manufacturing franchisees, located in Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, New Zealand, Malaysia, Oman and China. In April, 2007 they added a line of baked goods which are used in their ice cream products and also sold retail through their own outlets and to franchisees.

Smile-Activated Vending Machine Coming to Thailand

Hand a child an ice cream you'll generally be rewarded with a beaming smile, but with this new interactive vending machine, it's the smile that gets rewarded – with a free ice cream. Created for Unilever, the world’s biggest ice cream manufacturer, the first ever smile-activated ice cream vending machine combines face-recognition technology to measure a person’s grin and take a photo that can be uploaded to Facebook thanks to the machine’s built-in 3G capability.


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