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Kao Kaew Launches ‘Close Up Africa’ Project

The Kaow Kaew Open Zoo in Sriracha, a 30 minute drive from Pattaya, recently launched a new project especially for the upcoming school holidays. The ‘Close Up Africa’project lets guests get close to, pat and feed the African animals. The aim of this project is to allow kids to spend their free time wisely as well as learn more about the animals in a very safe environment.

Kaow Kaew Open Zoo Features Rare Baby Blue Wildebeest

The Kaow Kaew Open Zoo, located in Sriracha, recently welcomed a new baby blue wildebeest. The wildebeest is usually found throughout Africa's National Parks. The new arrival was born to Trippo and a female wildbeest named Jadeen who arrived here from Africa three years ago. The new calf joins Trippo, Jadeen and two other wildbeests. They can be seen in the Africa Savanna area at the Kaow Kaew Open Zoo.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Splurges 100 Million Baht on Expansion

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is spending about 100 million baht to improve and expand the zoo and offer new and exciting activities for visitors. A performance stage has been built, new waterfalls installed and the night zoo has been expanded. All these improvements are expected to be completed in time for the coming high season.



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