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An Italian Restaurant that Truly Ticks All the Boxes

Siripun Sinbuathong and Nattawadee Keawthairat 10.06.2012

Pattaya Times Newspaper Market Share Booms

Drew Noyes, Publisher Pattaya Times newspaper and website 06.07.2011
An Italian Restaurant that Truly Ticks All the Boxes

There are probably hundreds of Italian restaurants in Pattaya. From small pizza joints to five-star restaurants, there is a wide range of options and something for everyone. Good Italian restaurants are just about everywhere because every place seems to boast that their own food is the most “authentic” and the most delicious. But how can you find THE Italian Restaurant that truly ticks all the boxes? Well, you search and search and continue searching until you find it; we must admit that is exactly what we’ve been doing, and just recently, we’ve found it!

Pattaya Times Newspaper Market Share Booms

The Pattaya Times Newspaper Dominates the Print Media Market in Pattaya, Chonburi, Laem Chabang, Rayong, Sattahip, Trat, Koh Summet, Koh Chang and the entire Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. The Pattaya Times is the Best Selling Newspaper in Bangkok from Pattaya.

Best Western Premier Signature Pattaya is the Place to be this Valentine’s Day

All throughout the lovely month of February, Best Western Premier Signature Pattaya is offering their Valentine’s Day package of only 2,990 baht per night.

Pattaya’s Overhead Monorail Routes Unveiled

Traffic congestion and pollution in Central Pattaya will become a thing of the past if city officials and the public get their way with the proposed Pattaya Monorail.

Pattaya S.W.A.T. Team Ready to Protect Citizens

Two Pattaya S.W.A.T. teams were established by the Pattaya Police.

No Jail for Visa Overstays, Despite Web Rumor

Immigration officials insist visa overstay penalties have not changed.

Ferrari Rev Heads Gather in Pattaya

Siripun Sinbuathong 14.01.2011
Images Printed on Products to Help Catch Drug Dealers

Images of drug criminals were printed on products such as pens, shirts, caps and even beer coolers to help the Thai drug police catch criminals with the help of locals.

Ferrari Rev Heads Gather in Pattaya

Members of the Ferrari FX Club gathered in Pattaya during their Coast to Coast sprint from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Fireworks Light Up Pattaya Sky for Our Beloved Queen

A fireworks display competition was held on Pattaya Beach Road with over 50,000 fireworks launched into the sky.

Transnational Crime Data Center Opens in Pattaya

The days of fugitives from justice hiding out in Thailand, and particularly Pattaya and the Eastern Region are now numbered with the opening of the second Transnational Crime Data Center (TNCDC) in Thailand.

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