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Duncan Stearn 02.09.2010
Protected Wildlife Species Becoming a Top Thai Boutique Cafe and Perfume Performer

The Small Indian Civet is bringing about large-scale economic benefits to some Thai farmers, thanks to the production of their unctuous secretions painfully scraped from a gland near the genital organs (known as Choline Bitartrate) and the excrement of the animals which is used for civet coffee.

Improvements in the most unlikely of places: There are a number of go-go bars around Fun Town that have managed to remain open, and presumably proved viable as business entities, without ever inspiring me as a customer. This, of course, is a purely personal viewpoint, and doesn’t mean I’m right. It’s just I could never figure out how they attracted sufficient custom to stay open. I sometimes have a feeling mediocrity is rewarded, and not just in the bar scene.

Nightmarch -Issue 12

Duncan Stearn 21.06.2010


Duncan Stearn 05.05.2010

Another pleasant into the valley Sunday: Having been writing about the Pattaya nightlife scene for a decade now, I know it’s easy to become jaded and cynical, so it’s nice when I have the opportunity to spend an evening in the company of people who do not necessarily frequent the fleshpots of Fun Town as regularly as they might like. This was the case on a recent Sunday night when a well-known Bangkok-based writer (whose name shall not be revealed here), his friend from Los Angeles, and I, spent a few pleasant hours trawling through some of the go-go’s on Walking Street. Their observations provided a fresh perspective on an old subject


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