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The World Oceans Day 2012 celebrated in Pattaya

The World Oceans Day recognised by the United Nation (UN) as an opportunity to celebrate and improve the health of the world’s oceans. Held every June 8th, the World Oceans Day is an event where people around the world celebrate, protect and honour those bodies of water which link us all.

Thais and Foreigners Celebrate Visakha Bucha Day

Locals and foreigners were spotted celebrating Visakha Bucha Day on June 4th with merit-making activities like giving food to monks and performing the Wien Tien ceremony at temples throughout Pattaya, with the largest celebrations being held at Pratamnak Hill.

Coronation Day Will be Celebrated in Grandeur

The Pattaya Times congratulates His Majesty the King on the auspicious occasion of the celebration on May 5th as His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was crowned as Rama IX, the 9th king of the Chakri dynasty, on 5th May 1950. In the present reign, Coronation Day is observed by a series of religious rites lasting for three days.

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You Don’t Have to be Irish to Join the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In recent years there has been a growth in the number of Irish bars opening in Pattaya, and with so many ex-pats from the Emerald Isle now settled in Pattaya it is a wonder that the annual festivities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day have not reached our fair city in past years.

A parade is being planned for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration to be held March 17 along the Pattaya Beach Road.

Prepare to Spoil Your Child

Siripun Sinbuathong 03.01.2011
Children’s Day Celebrated Throughout Pattaya

Children in Pattaya had a ball during this year’s national Children’s Day.

Prepare to Spoil Your Child

Children all over Thailand and in Pattaya will be getting the chance to be spoilt for the day as the nation celebrates Children’s Day on January 8.

Father’s Day Celebrated Around Pattaya

Siripun Sinbuathong 16.12.2010
Locals and Foreigners Gathered to Support World AIDS Day

Students, business owners, tourists and locals recently gathered together and paraded along Pattaya Beach Road to create awareness about World AIDS Day.

Father’s Day Celebrated Around Pattaya

His Majesty the King’s Birthday which is also Father’s Day in Thailand was celebrated all throughout the country.

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