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Ittipol Khunplume

Bangkokians Escaping to Pattaya

Drew Noyes Pattaya Times newspaper and website 07.11.2011
Bangkokians Escaping to Pattaya

Estimates are that each day 20,000 more people from Bangkok are arriving in Pattaya to escape the flood waters, food shortages and misery of Bangkok. Pattaya is welcoming these new arrivals and accommodating them in every way. The 1337 Call Center at Pattaya City Hall, the Tourism Authority of Thailand Office on Pratamnak Hill, the Tourist Police, Banglamung Police, Highway Police and Pattaya Police at Soi 9 are all pitching in to assist new arrivals in need of food and shelter.

Pattaya’s Mayor Proposes Three-Stage Plan to Develop

The Mayor of Pattaya City, Itthiphol unveiled his plans exclusively to News reporters of Pattaya Times to boost development and tourism on Koh Larn Island. In his statement, Mayor Itthiphol said “Koh Larn is one of Pattaya’s tourist destination but many people do not know that this island is under the patronage of Pattaya City in terms of development and preservation.


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