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Comfy choice offered with Centara Koh Chang sunset sand sofas

There is nothing like a romantic surprise to make a holiday unforgettable, and the three Sand Sofa dinner options offered by Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort will ensure a memorable evening with the sunset providing the perfect backdrop.

Sempai Junior McInnes triumphs as Junior Middleweight WKO Champion Shorin Kempo

Junior is the son of Robert “Sifu” McInnes, Founder of the S.E. Asia International School of Martial Arts

Ask Drew Noyes How Foreigner Purchase Land in Thailand

Drew Noyes, One Stop Legal Service Thailand Drew Noyes, One Stop Legal Service Pattaya 27.08.2013

Look Out Koh Larn, Samui Short of Electricity

Staff Reporter Pattaya Times 12.02.2013

Dear Mr. Noyes: I am considering purchasing a house in Thailand, but everything I have read and heard tells me foreigners cannot own land in Thailand. Friends of mine currently retired in the country tell me the rules have been revised in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to secure their investment. Could you please lay out the facts for me and tell me how to secure my investment so I can live out my retirement in Thailand with peace of mind. Many thanks. Ken Hannigan U.S.A.

Look Out Koh Larn, Samui Short of Electricity

Hotels on Samui are sucking up electricity at a faster pace than the island can produce it and the situation is even more critical after maintenance work on a power cable cut the supply even further.

Ask Drew Noyes


I have a one year old daughter in Pattaya who lives with her mother, we are a couple and the baby has my family name, and has a British passport. I am the sole provider for all that's needed, as in rent and anything else that's required

Pattaya City Hospital Nearing Completion But Requires Further Funds

The Pattaya City Hospital will have a total of 82 inpatient beds and is expected to open in February-March 2013.

Ready for Bang Saen GP 2012

Mr. Sontaya Khunpleum, Culture Minister and director of this competition; Mr. Wittaya Khunpleum, Chonburi Provincial Administration (PAO) Chairman; Mr. Komsan Aekchai, Governor of Chonburi; and Mr. Narongchai Khunpleum, Mayor of Sansuk municipality, recently held a press conference to publicize the “Bangsaen Thailand Speed Festival 2012”, collaborating with Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sports Authority of Thailand, Chonburi province, Chonburi Provincial Administration, Chonburi’s Sansuk Municipality and Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (R.A.A.T).

Pattaya Star City Academy introduces youth to the entertainment industry

The Pattaya Star City Academy is located in Soi Siam Country Club and covers an area of approximately half an acre. The interior is designed with various training facilities for the development of the human personality. The trainers are professional artists and super stars. The Academy is open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm every day.

Pattaya City discusses safety issues for Russian tourists

During November 2012, Mr. Andrey V. Dvornikov, Head of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Bangkok, Mr. Davydenko Dmitry, Chairman of the Tourism Safety Commission, along with representatives of the Association of Tourism of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Consulate of Chonburi and Rayong province, attended a meeting with Dr. Pratarn Surakritavorn, Chonburi Governor, Mr. Ronnakit Ekasingh, Pattaya Deputy Mayor and representatives of government agencies, Pattaya Police station, Chonburi Immigration Office, Pattaya Tourist Police, TAT Pattaya office and private tour operators to secure their cooperation regarding the safety of Russian tourists.

Rotary Club Jomtien-Pattaya hosts children & teenagers shows at Central Festival Beach Pattaya

On Sunday November 25th, the Central Festival Beach Pattaya entertained the public with various shows by local children and teenagers.

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