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Too Easy to Buy Degrees


A scandal involving the buying and selling of degrees at a university in the Northeast might be nothing new to the Thai education system.

My Little Island

Terry Hunter & Christopher Spiers 13.04.2011
My Little Island

With all the stimulus packages having been put in place and money still being printed in vast amounts, there are a number of experts around the world warning of an inflationary period on the horizon, some talking heads even going as far as to say we are heading towards hyper inflation.

Hi Drew, Congratulations on a good job working with immigration. The mailing 90 day program will be a big benefit for long staying foreigners.

This is Thailand

Paul Hanson 16.12.2010

Vol. 3 Issue 20

Pollution Solution Thailand 10.11.2010

There are many expat and regular tourist farangs here in Pattaya who whinge and whine constantly about the ways things are done here and about Thai people in general. Not only do they complain to other farangs but also to Thais as well.

A prison of hell, unneeded death for most, not enough signs to find where these lost pets are being held, to adopt or bring food. We saw hunger, thirst, fighting to the death, sick, hurt, dying, untreated, hell hole, out of sight out of mind.


Staff Writer 19.05.2010
The Pollution Solution Group Calls on Pattaya Locals

The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper,the Pattaya Times, to please help us to inform your many readers about the dangers to our children and wildlife from rubbish being left behind on our Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches.

Free trade or fair trade? Send your letters to

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