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Nissan Launches Thailand’s First Eco Car

Pattaya Times News 21.03.2010
Nissan Launches Thailand’s First Eco Car

Siam Nissan Automobile Co (SNA) has launched Thailand’s frst locally produced eco car, the Nissan March. SNA president Toru Hasegawa said Nissan March is a small vehicle with a 1,200 cc three-cylinder engine with carbon dioxide emissions less than 120 grammes and able to use fuel more effcienty by up to 20 kilometres per litre.

One of the Porsche cars valued at more than 10 million baht displayed at the Super Car Show.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach joined with MunMaak Company to bring in 500 million baht worth of luxury cars to be displayed at their recent Super Car Show.

The Spria will be manufactured locally in Naklua.

A safe 137 kilogram auto getting 42 kilometers per liter with soft foam on the outside is no longer a crazy dream. Mr. Lon Ballard, the inventor and a local resident, has used 90% reinforced foam construction to offer pedestrian and passenger protection. It can reach speeds of over 110 kph and it is unsinkable. It floated like a boat during safety testing in the ocean.

Rayongs Auto Industry Picks Up Speed

Siripun Sinbuathong 06.12.2009
Vladimir Socovier, Managing Director of Aerodium and Peter Klein Marketing Director of Easy Kart welcomed the Pattaya Times staff.

Pattaya Times staff chose Easy Kart for their Christmas party and one year anniversary celebration after being awarded the "Best in the East" newspaper for 2009 by the Eastern Mass Media Association.

Rayongs Auto Industry Picks Up Speed

According to the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) Thailand’s auto parts industry has recovered faster than expected making the years growth shrink no more than 25% year-on-year.

Registering a used car in Thailand

Drew Noyes, PAPPA Co., Ltd, Legal and Visa Services 16.11.2009

If you can answer, please provide Info on car registration.

Getting a Car and Motorcycle License in Pattaya

Even though you can easily hire a car or motorcycle in Pattaya without a license, if you are involved in an accident, which is all too common here no matter how good a driver or rider you are, serious issues will arise ,especially if people are injured or killed.

Traffic jam woes set to end

Thongchai Poojareon 06.08.2009
Traffic jam woes set to end

Action is being taken to prevent major traffic snarl-ups caused by faulty traffic lights on Sukhumvit.

Camry Hybrid will promote Toyota’s green marketing.

Having positioned itself as a company fully committed to winning customers over with environmentally friendly products, Toyota Thailand is relying on green marketing to promote its Camry Hybrid.

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