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New Music School Opens in Pattaya

The front of the Siam Kollakarn Music School Pattaya located on Pattaya Third road that offers courses under the Yamaha Music Worldwide Education System.

The Siam Kollakarn Music School under the Yamaha Music Foundation recently opened its frst branch in Pattaya offering courses under the Yamaha Music Worldwide Education System.

The  royal Cliff  beach  resort welcomes students from Wat Khao Phothong School in Pattaya.

Students and teachers from Wat Khao Phothong School in Pattaya paid an educational visit to the world famous Royal Cliff Beach Resort and PEACH (Pattaya Exhibition and Conference Hall) to gain an informative insight into how the resort’s extensive actions have gone to improve the environment and reduce global warming.

The instructor as he demonstrates the survival swimming skills to the interested group of audience.

The Australia–Thailand Institute recently joined partners and donors at the launch of the SwimSafe Thailand project at Mahaparp Krajadthong Uppatham School in Samut Prakan. The event marked the commencement of survival swimming classes in two SwimSafe Thailand locations, Samut Prakan and rural Chiang Rai.

Students were eager to learn about the ‘Love Tree and Reduce Global Warming’ project held at Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Pattaya recently began their new project ‘Love Trees and Reduce Global Warming’ with the purpose of educating the local youth about the importance of the environment. The project included members from the government and private sectors.

Students packed the hall at the Asian University during the recent science exhibition.

The Ministry of Science and Technology recently held a ‘Science Caravan’ project organized by the National Science Museum at the Asian University. The event was flooded with students from Pattaya and Chonburi.

Local students accepting educational funds from Esso for their good behavior.

The Esso Oil Refinery in Siracha recently awarded 286 educational grants valued at 337,600 Baht to well behaved Siracha students with Dr. Mark El Northcut, the President and Manager of Esso Oil Refinery as chairman along with Chonburi Deputy Mayor Sunthorn Rattanawaraha.

Local Mosque Receives 550,000 Baht Government Donations

Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization has donated 500,000 baht to the Islamic Training Center of the Rueluplor Mosque to build an educational facility consisting of three floors and six classrooms. Pattaya City also donated 50,000 baht to five mosques throughout Pattaya.

Thailand Hopes to be Next Educational Center

Siripun Sinbuathong 06.11.2009

The Ambassador of Austria, Dr. Johannes Peterlik, recently showed off his tractor driving skills at the educational development meeting at the Thai-Austrian Technical College in Sattahip.

Thailand Hopes to be Next Educational Center

International education in Thailand is expected to grow by 10% a year according to the Commerce Ministry. It is expected that the number of foreign students will increase to 100,000 from 30,000 within the next five years

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