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Dr. Kamaljit Sigh

Space Age Technology for Ancient Remedies

Permanent Secretary Sithiphap Muangkhum (left) explains Chonburi’s Garbage Disposal Policy.

Mr. Phornphoj Bandityarak from Chonburi’s Adminsitration stated that Pattaya has cancelled the agreement to Chonburi’s garbage disposal policy citing that the measures to rid wastes at high temperatures and recycling the resulting energy to produce electricity would not be in accordance with the current disposal scheme of the City.

Ongoing investment projects in the Map Ta Phut industrial area can continue without waiting for new pollution-control rules to be established, says the National Environment Board (NEB).

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya offers the new hi-tech rehabilitation center.

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya in association with the American International Assurance Co., Ltd held the “Relax & Rehab @ Pattaya” conference in order to educate attendees on the symptoms of body pains and ache, the simple way to treat it, and the demonstration of the new hi-tech Rehabilitation Center in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

Wearing masks, tourists pass through a thermal scanner erected at the entrance to Suvarnabhumi international airport in Bangkok

Ministry of Public Health recently reinforced measures to control the spread of the A (H1N1) flu virus (formerly called Swine Flu) by installing another 32 infrared thermal scanners nationwide.

Blood Donation at Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate

Dr. Wiput Poojareon introduces five new plans for children development

A meeting was held to discuss measures to improve the lives of children and youth in society by improving their living conditions, physical, and mental health as well as implementing plans to improve the standards of education, reduce drug abuse and reduce the number of HIV/AIDS cases. The meeting was declared a success with five new plans introduced that is hoped to gain results within three years.

Mayor of Pattaya, Mr. Itthiphol Kunplome strictly enforcing sanitation policies.

Recently, Mr. Itthiphol Kunplome, Mayor of Pattaya, along with Mr. Apichart Peudpun, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, chaired a Sanitation Standard Training Seminar for restaurant owners in Pattaya.

Screening for deadly virus stepped up at northern border

CHIANG RAI, Thailand — New Influenza 2009 screening has been stepped up in Chiang Rai in an attempt to prevent the outbreak of the deadly virus, after the World Health Organization (WHO) had raised its alert level from 4 to 5, the second highest.

US Embassy Bangkok Update of Swine Flu

This warden message alerts U.S. citizens to the latest information regarding human cases of H1N1 Influenza A ("swine flu"). As of April 29, the World Health Organization has not reported any cases of H1N1A influenza in Thailand.

Tourists arriving Bangkok, Thailand pass through a thermal scanner at Suvarnabhumi international airport Monday, April 27. Hong Kong scientists are working to find a quick test for swine flu following confirmed human cases of the disease in Mexico, the United States and Canada. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong)

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — in a bid to prevent Mexican Human Flu outbreak here, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is going to hand out 100,000 facemasks to taxi drivers and foreign tourists tomorrow.

Dr. Kamaljit Sigh

The last century has seen an increase in life expectancy, with the development of antibiotics, vaccines, safer water and better sanitation, which have led to the defeat of most infectious diseases. The average human lifespan has been prolonged by more than 50%, and acute diseases are not the cause of death anymore.

Experimental vaccine used in Ebola exposure case

Staff Writer Associated Press Writer 06.04.2009
Cancer and Alternative Therapies Dr. Kamaljit Singh Health Corner

“After years of telling people Chemotherapy is only way to try and eliminate cancer, Dr. Kamaljit Singh is telling you that there are alternative ways through alternative therapies.”

A quarantine unit at Hamburg University hospital is shown during a disaster control exercise.

BERLIN, Germany (AP) It was a nightmare scenario: A scientist accidentally pricked her finger with a needle used to inject the deadly Ebola virus into lab mice.

Vertigo Solutions available at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a very common, but very distressing condition. Have you ever been so drunk that when you lie down on the bed the spinning rotation is so bad you grip the edges of the bed to stop falling off? That is what BPPV is like but without the hangover!

Khunying Finola with foreign students here to help Dr. Kris and Khunying Finola Chatamra with the Queen's Breast Cancer Center.

Recently the Thai Polo Club of Pattaya joined with Dr. Kris and Khunying Finola Chatamra of Bangkok to raise money for breast cancer by hosting a well-attended, fundraising polo tournament named Pink Polo.

Singapore and Thailand Launch World’s First Medical Tourism Concierge Network Thailand the largest health and wellness destination globally

Singapore Fly Free for Health, the world's first comprehensive Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business medical tourism hub with the support of Tourism Authority of Thailand just launched the world's first medical concierge network which signifies a new trend in consolidating borderless healthcare globally.

Dr. Kamaljit Singh

Acupressure plays a very useful role to increase vitality and solve men’s sex related problems except the venereal diseases. The sex related problems of men are usually results from an unbalanced development due to disturbance in sex glands.

The HIV Primary Symptoms Researching Project

Jittima Donhee Visith Pinpawong Siripun Sinbuathong 06.03.2009
Pattaya City Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome.

Pattaya City Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome presided over the meeting of the HIV primary symptoms research by the association between Thai and American researchers from the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Science (AFRIMS).


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