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King's New Royal Emblem Pin Introduced in Pattaya

Pattaya City Expats Club 28.06.2011

This December 5th marks a most auspicious occassion in Thailand. His Majesty the King will reach his 84th Birthday on that date and as a tribute to his 7th Cycle Birthday (each 12 years is one cycle) a new Royal Emblem was created to honor Thailand's oldest King, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, who is also the world's longest reigning monarch. The King's new Royal Emblem pin was introduced in Pattaya on Sunday, June 26 by Drew Noyes while he was the MC at the Pattaya City Expats Club.

Apart from a flower parade guests were awed when a baby calf gave his mother a flower garland to show his love. There was also a special show where baby calves wrote ‘love mom’ on a piece of paper using their trunk.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden recently celebrated Thailand’s Mother’s Day (also Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s Birthday) under the ‘Love your mother and love your trees to help reduce global warming’ concept. The event was packed with hundreds of families who brought along their mothers and grandmothers who received free entry.

A commercially-produced EcoSphere(R) closed ecosystem (Photo courtesy EcoSphere Associates Inc).

Have you ever wanted to create your own little planet? Do you like aquatic life, but think that aquariums are too much work? If your answer to either of those two questions is Yes, then you might quite enjoy owning a miniature closed aquatic ecosystem. All you need is a credit card, or a clear glass jar, some stuff from a pond and an appreciation for things that exist on a small scale. The result will be a self-sustained miniature world that doesn’t need feeding, fltration, or anything other than light, from the outside world.

Ajarn Suchart Tummaphant granted Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee with one of his stunning painting.

Her Royal Highness Princess Somsawalee presided over the official opening ceremony of the First Art Exhibition in Honor of His Majesty the King in Pattaya where beautiful paintings from hundreds of freelance artists were displayed with the purpose of raising funds for the Friends in Need (of “Pa”) Volunteers Foundation Thai Red Cross and also for Pattaya City’s public service. The event was held from December 25, 2009 - January 10, 2010 at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

Traditional Joe Louis Thai Puppet Show opens in Pattaya.

The Natayasala Traditional Thai Puppet Show is well-known as “Joe Louis Puppet”, in July established its new at Pattaya City Walk ,located next to Royal Garden Plaza.

Father Ray Presents Beijing Acrobatics

Some of the extraordinary scenes Pattaya residents and tourists experienced at Pattaya’s Tiffany Theater in September.

Artist rendering of the shrine to His Majesty The King.

Chonburi Mayor Sanee Jittakasaem chaired a meeting to plan the construction of a 30-meter city pillar shrine in Chonburi to honor His Majesty the King’s birthday celebrated this December.

Presents Major Events Since 1946

Some of the beautiful graphic art displayed at the 11th Burapha Graphic Art Exhibition

Burapha University recently joined with Central Festival Pattaya Beach to host the 11th Burapha Graphic Art Exhibition that was a hit with both Thai and foreigners.

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