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New Tourism Promotion for Mobile Application

Staff Reporter 23.07.2012
New Tourism Promotion for Mobile Application

The Thai tourism authority has decided to make a sizable financial investment in developing a new application for smartphone, which is intended to help promote the country’s travel industry.

Google E-mail Accounts 2-step Verification

Google Administrators with Pattaya Times Intro Google, 29.11.2011
Could someone be reading your Gmail?

It is time to protect your email account. Google's Gmail has a great solution. Google is now offering improved security for its email users. It is important to secure your email accounts. The new 2-step verification method offered by industry leader Google is the answer.

Coming in at 0.4 inches thick and 0.9 pounds, the PlayBook has a featherweight feel without seeming flimsy.

With dozens of companies looking to gain tablet PC market share away from Apple and Samsung, it’s going to take a special kind of product to succeed, one that offers consumers fast performance and expanded options on the competition. In other words, something that’s not only different but better, in its own way.

New Mobile Phone Apps Replace Wallets

Kevin Purdy Lifehacker 15.03.2011
AIS Joins Forces with 3BB to Develop Thailand’s Largest Wifi Network

AIS recently joined forces with 3BB to develop Thailand’s largest wifi network.

Pattaya Times Recommends Lifehacker's Mobile Wallet Solution

Pattaya Times newspaper highly recommends Lifehacker's article on how to replace your wallet with your phone. Now "you can consolidate your membership cards, hold sensitive scraps of paper, carry photos of your loves ones, and even make money change hands, all from your phone."

New Technology Offers Newspaper Classified Ads Free On Internet

Newspaper Classified Ads Free Pattaya Times, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn 26.01.2011
Free classified ads from newspaper to Internet

Classified ads for free and easy to place. New technological advancement just released makes classified ads part of the Internet revolution. Pattaya Times website users can place the ads for free. All categories are available from real estate, cars, boats, motorcycles, jobs, Home and garden, second hand items, discount coupons and much more. The technology used in the code writing is cutting edge allowing for a pleasant user experience and ease of placement of ads.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) introduces "Amazing Thailand" a mobile application for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and popular devices such as iPad and iPod Touch.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) introduces “Amazing Thailand” a mobile application for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and popular devices such as iPad and iPod Touch.

Google AdWords Ranks Pattaya Times Newspaper Website Tops for Thailand

Media Concepts Asia, Co., Ltd. and Google Google AdWords, Google Analytics 31.12.2010

Promising Mobile Apps

Wanrapa Boonsu 07.10.2010
Pattaya Times newspaper website has earned Google AdWords Qualification for Generating Exceptional Revenue

Reporting the positive, fun activities, wonderful venues, interesting people, "how foreigners can do it the right way" and great investment opportunities in Thailand by taking the "high road" is what readers and web surfers want - not crime, accidents and fear-mongering. As of December 31, 2010, Google AdWords ranks the Pattaya Times newspaper website by far the highest Thailand newspaper website going into 2011 for what Google can charge for CPC (Cost Per Click) when a business is promoted in Pattaya, Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, especially hotels, resorts, airlines, condominium projects and banks. Google makes these advertising cost valuations per click in the table below on ads on the Pattaya Times newspaper website based on numbers of verified global searches and searches in Thailand for keywords potential customers might enter on a Thailand website relevant to advertisers, i.e. web surfers entering the keywords "5 star hotel" would be of direct interest as an exact match to the Hilton, Centara, Amari, Dusit, Sheraton, Oriental and many other 5 star hotel chains in Thailand, so they must pay a lot to have their ads on the page seen by those specific web surfers. The survey compared with all other newspaper websites in Thailand. The results below show the Pattaya Times newspaper website's advertising placement value in Thai baht if potential clients of advertisers on the Pattaya Times website search the keywords below. Advertisers who want to place their click-able banner on may contact the Pattaya Times direct at for a good discount or go through Google AdWords and pay the price listed below per click. The ranking for the Pattaya Times newspaper's website on Facebook using CPM (Cost Per 1,000 impressions) is even higher than other Thailand newspapers, but if buyers don't click advertisers ads there is no calculable call to action to get buyers to purchase, so CPC is preferred by managers with a boss to whom they report. Ad campaigns can be tracked by CPC. See the Google Adwords information below the Pattaya Times statistics.

Promising Mobile Apps

The Pattaya times Editor attended the Mobilize Conference in San Francisco, California. The main topic of conversation at Mobilize 2010 is smart phone apps. Mobile apps. That being so, quite a number of app developers were networking with venture capital people and press, and showing off their apps at every opportunity. A few promising mobile apps stood out.  
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