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Andrew Drummond Denies It as Thai Government Withdraws Press Card

The Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department 01.09.2013
Andrew Drummond Removed from Database of Approved Journalists.

One of the Thai victims of Andrew Drummond's journalistic abuse asks and receives help from the Thai government. The Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department writes, "the Department had withdrawn the press card of Mr. Andrew Drummond from the registration system of the Foreign Correspondents of The Government Public Relations Department already."

Defendant Andrew Drummond Stripped of Press Credentials by Thai Government PR

Police and Criminal Court Records Foreign Office Thai Government Public Relations Dept. 19.08.2013
Andrew Drummond no longer allowed to work as an "Investigative Journalist" tabloid reporter in Thailand

Andrew Drummond has had his Press credentials deleted from the Public Rrelations database by the Director General of the Public Relations Department that issues Press Cards to foreign journalists and correspondents. Drummond's problems are becuase he is awaiting criminal prosecution in numerous trials in Samui and Pattaya Thailand. Andrew Michael Drummond, age 62, from Scotland living in Bangkok Thailand has been criminally charged for alleged crimes against at least six people in Thailand. DSI, CSD and Immigration are all investigating additional charges. Drummond is said to be trying to borrow money and may pose a flight risk since it is unlikely he will be granted bail to avoid jail in his new criminal trials.

This appears on the blog of Andrew Drummond with thenames of tabloids he falsely claims to represent.

For the second time Andrew Drummond has been criminally charged in Pattaya Court. The first time by a Thai and now by two expats. Drummond posted another 100,000 baht bail to avoid jail until the trial which is expected to take at least two years. So far, seven victims of Andrew Drummond's alleged criminal acts have filed charges. Evidence is expected to show that the unemployed, former News of the World journalist now living in Bangkok has been using a blog website in order to gather cash donations from people who think he actually is protecting them. His supporters will have to pay more bail bonds so Drummond can delay serving jail time until a dozen criminal court cases against him in Bangkok, Pattaya and Kho Samui go to trial. So far, seven victims of his criminal acts have filed charges.

Andrew Drummond Alias The Flying Sporran in Trouble with PayPal and the Law

PayPal terms of service and customer complaints 21.03.2013
Andrew Drummond alone facing criminal charges in Thailand.

Thailand blogger Andrew Drummond posts 100,000 baht bail as he is again a Defendant in Pattaya Provincial Court. Self-proclaimed "Investigative Journalist" Andrew Drummond writing under one of his aliases "The Flying Sporran" has been a Defendant facing criminal charges in Pattaya many times. In an unrelated case, since 2006 Drummond has been a Defendant for defamation for writing a Bangkok Post article falsely accusing foreign business owners of crimes. The Bangkok Post settled the case and fired Drummond as a freelance journalist. Andrew Drummond was sued for a million baht by two Pattaya businessmen and Drummond was also found guilty on criminal charges for the Bangkok Post article. Drummond, angered by the Bangkok Post rejecting his plea for help, appealed and the case is still in court pending in the Supreme Court.

The Flying Sporran becomes extinct

Blogger Andrew Drummond violates Terms of Service on PayPal. See link below. 9 Restricted Activities d. Act in a manner that is obscene, defamatory, libelous, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing; are violations of PayPal terms of service. All violators accounts will be terminated. Andrew Drummond also misappropriated donations meant to help animals in distress and used the money for his own support.

Bangkok's first weekly newspaper announced

Pattaya Times staff writter Bangkok Pattaya Weekly newspaper 06.02.2013

Andrew Drummond Defies Court Order, More Criminal Charges Pending

as recorded in Pattaya Provincial Civil Court Order 24.01.2013
Bangkok and Pattaya have many world-class golf courses

Bangkok's first weekly newspaper has been announced at a press conference in Bangkok. The Bangkok Pattaya Weekly newspaper will start distribution on Valentine's Day. This publication will be the first weekly newspaper about Bangkok.


Andrew Drummond broke the court compromise he made with Drew Noyes involving a five million baht law suit Mr. Noyes filed for five articles Mr. Drummond posted on a blog in Thailand that were found to be false and defamatory. Also charged in 2004 with criminal libel. See

Blogger Andrew Drummond of Bangkok Charged in Criminal Court

Charged in Pattaya Provincial Criminal Court Order 23.01.2013

Criminal charges against Andrew Drummond are accepted by Pattaya Provincial Court in Criminal Case number 9731/2555. See the official court decision below where the Pattaya Provincial Criminal Court Judge orders Andrew Michael Drummond bound over for Criminal trial on March 11, 2013 at 9 am. The court order states that at trial he must post 50,000 baht bail or a fugitive warrant will be issued and served on Drummond by police in Thailand. The procedure is if he fails to appear for that trial, Drummond will be arrested and sent to court. Drummond posts in his own name "Andrew Drummond" and also posts on the internet as "Flying Sporran" among other aliases. Drummond was informed if he is in the court room when the case is heard he will have to post bail or go to jail until he is able to post bail. As the court order shows, the judge accepted the criminal case and charged Drummond with criminal charges, stating Andrew Drummond is wrong for posting articles on the internet according to the Computer Crime Act of 2007, Section 14(1), and the Thai Criminal Code Section 90 and 91. Additionally, there are multiple criminal charges brought by two other victims of Andrew Drummond scheduled for January 28, 2013. The Pattaya Provincial Court Criminal case numbers are 9819/2555 and 9134/2555. In both criminal cases the charges are Drummond violated the Thailand Computer Crime Act of 2007, Section 14(1), and the Thai Criminal Code Section 90 and 91.

Andrew Drummond ordered to return to Pattaya Municipal Court for violating court order.

Drummond ordered back in Pattaya Court

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