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Pattaya Movie Theatre Locations and Information on Movies and Showtimes

Pattaya Times website 16.04.2013 03:33


In Pattaya there are two movie theater cinema companies providing multiple screens in shopping plazas.They are SFX Cinema/ SF Cinemas and Major Cinamplex. The locations, featured movies now playing and showtimes are available on the websites.

Please see the website for current movie titles playing in Pattaya, Chonburi and Baeng Saenand and the show times:

SF Easy ticket. Ticket Buy Phone 0-2268-8888 | Print@Home Thailand Web Stat

SFX Cinema Pattaya Beach 033-003-555, SFC Chonburi 033-003-222, SFC Pattaya 038-361-500

SFC Harbor Mall 038-400-666, SFC Laemtong Bangsaen 038-748-866

Major Cineplex Pattaya

Located on the 2,3 and 4th floors of The Avenue Pattaya, Pattaya Second Road, opposite Pattaya Soi 13.

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