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The Prim Grand Condominium Launched at Two Million Baht

Visith Pinpawong 22.08.2012 21:56
The developer has released computerred conceptual designs of the Prim Condominium.

The developer has released computerred conceptual designs of the Prim Condominium.

The Prim Grand Condominium is Pattaya’s newest luxury project aimed at the middle to high-class market with the starting price at two million baht per unit.

Managing Director Chinsanucha Pukdeesanaeha, Managing Director of The Prim Grand Condominium said, “The concept of the Prim is peace and happiness create from your personal space.”

“The Prim Grand Condominium is a 200 million baht project spread out on a 300 square meter piece of land. It is located on Pattaya-Naklua Road Soi 12. It consists of eight floors with 64 units. The room comes in various sizes: 40, 45, 50, 130, 150 and 190 square meters. What stands out about this project is that it is peaceful and overlooks the Pattaya-Naklua Beach,” he added.

The Prim has a rooftop garden, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a restaurant, a sauna and 24-hour security.
Reservations will begin next month and construction starts in January 2013. It is expected to be completed in December 2013. Another project by the same developer has already attained a 50% reservation rate which demonstrates the attractiveness of his projects.

“Out of our other 301-room project, we were able to have a reservation rate of more than 50%. This could because of our quality build and reasonable price. All of our rooms are fully furnished as well,” he said.

“The growth rate of real estate in Pattaya is consistently high. It has the second fastest growing property market in Thailand after Bangkok. Project build rates in major cities like Phuket and Hua Hin cannot top Pattaya’s. Some observers of the property scene believe this growth is “unstoppable.” The real estate market in Pattaya has not been affect by the Euro-zone financial crisis or the 2011 Bangkok floods. In fact, the floods have contributed to the growth of the Pattaya market because of the demand by Bangkok residents for second homes in the nearby Eastern Seaboard ”, he concluded.
For those who are interested in The Prim Grand Condominium call 082-4031 999, 082-4038 999/082-4033 999 or email: .

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