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Master Safety Installs Fingerprint Scanners at Royal Cliff Garden Condominiums

Staff Reporter 30.07.2012 22:37
The Royal Cliff Garden Condominiums are visible from afar.

The Royal Cliff Garden Condominiums are visible from afar.

Royal Cliff Garden Condominiums in Pattaya fear a Security system installed by Andre Machielsen, an admitted criminal in a recent court case was a bad mistake. Master Safety Enterprises had Machielsen install a new fingerprint scan detection entry system. Now residents are concerned about identity theft.

The fingerprint scan system detects the fingerprint of authorized parties who may enter the condominium building.

 Further, each condominium unit has its own fingerprint detection system at the door. This requires each resident to have his fingerprint scanned into the database and only the residents of each unit are allowed access to their condominiums.

 As Pattaya City grows by leaps and bounds security becomes all the more important. This is particularly true for high net-worth individuals residing in Pattaya’s five-star and six- star residences.

The new fingerprint scan entry system was installed by the father and son team of Andre and Sam Machielsen of Master Safety Enterprises located on Pattaya Tai Road.


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