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Pattaya Mayor Implements Four Main Strategies to Improve the City

Visith Pinpawong 24.07.2012 02:42
One of the few dirt roads in Pattaya that will soon be paved into a concrete road as a result of one of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome’s improvement strategy.

One of the few dirt roads in Pattaya that will soon be paved into a concrete road as a result of one of Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome’s improvement strategy.

Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome has begun to work on the four strategies to improve Pattaya which he mentioned in his recent election campaign.

The strategies cover various areas such as the safety of life and property of the local people, drug use, public health, public utilities, water, electricity, communications and education policies. Their aim is to research and explore information needed from the people and come up with possible solutions to be implemented.

The four strategies consist of:

1. An end to dirt roads in Pattaya. This policy has been implemented since Mayor Itthiphol was first elected four years ago. The roads in Pattaya have been paved with concrete and drains were installed across 160 routes. This is more than 80% of the total roads in Pattaya. 

2. Environment and waste disposal management. In the last 5-7 years there were 250 tons of rubbish accumulated per day but nowadays, there are 350 tons per day. Pattaya City will manage the rubbish as well as hire private firms to help. Originally the waste will be buried in Khao Mai Kaew area under 150 rais of land. To better manage the system, the city has decided to start separating garbage into organic waste, plastic waste and recycled materials. After time, the landfill of waste will begin to accumulate gas which in the future will be utilized to generate electricity. The electricity will be supplied to people in the local community.
3. Education policy to be in line with the government’s policy. The Thai government launched its 15-year free schooling campaign, a free lunch program and a free student bus service a while back. This has since been implemented so the focus is now to improve educational standards to be on the level with the international schools. Foreign language education will be added such as Russian, Chinese and Korean. Another area is the improvement of information technology as it relates to tourism. This will prepare Pattaya for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.  The work force will be increased to meet with the tourism demand, local personnel will be given training and ongoing projects will continue to develop to improve the city. Buildings will also rise to accommodate new businesses; a 400-million baht budget has been approved for this matter.
4. To manage water consumption; the city has pushed to improve the water supply by spending 800 million baht to increase water production and distribution from Nong Klang Dong Waterworks authority.  More pipes will be installed to and from various waterworks authorities to reach all communities as well. The Banglamung Waterworks has supplied water with an increase of 50%. In the future, Sattahip Waterworks will also supply water to Jomtien. As for flood management, floods that occurred in Pattaya are usually flash floods due to water traveling from the hill area down to the low-lying areas which creates pools of water in the city. The solution is to increase water pumping stations so that water can travel to the sea easier: 12.7 million baht has been approved for this project. 

“Nevertheless, water is a major factor in life, a key factor in promoting the tourism industry. If we can prove that we can prevent floods, this will make tourists believe in our capabilities and feel safe visiting Pattaya. All in all we require all sectors to help make Pattaya City a better place to live and visit,” Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol concluded.

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