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Highway Seven to Expand to Eight Lanes

Visith Pinpawong 21.06.2012 06:23
Highway 7 will soon have eight lanes which will help ease traffic and also improve logistics in the Siracha area.

Highway 7 will soon have eight lanes which will help ease traffic and also improve logistics in the Siracha area.

The Department of Highways recently reviewed a plan to expand Highway 7 to eight lanes to improve the transport capacity of the Eastern Region.

Mr. Witsaroot Kultawanich, Engineer of Team Consulting Engineering and Management said, “Highway 7 from Bangkok to Chonburi has so far been a success in terms of transporting travelers and goods between Bangkok and other areas in the Eastern Seaboard. This area includes a large number of industrial estates; it is the conduit for the shipment of goods in and out of Thailand; and also serves as Thailand’s leading tourist destination. The highway itself consists of 79 kilometers, later expanded to end at Highway 3 (on Sukhumvit Road)-- an additional 46 kilometers. The route was opened on March 28, 2011.”

“The route is connected to Laem Chabang port, Thailand’s main port for the import and export of goods. As a result, the path is always filled with large trucks, especially around the Nong Karm intersection on Highway 7.” Forty-seven percent of vehicles on this highway are trucks, per current statistics. 

“Highway 7 is also the route used by tour buses carrying travelers from Suvanabhumi International Airport to tourist destinations in Pattaya and Rayong. As a result, there is a lot of traffic and many accidents occur.”

“At the moment there are only four lanes, leading the Department of Highways to hire some consulting firms to conduct a survey and design the Highway to have eight lanes, and for the public road to have three lanes. In addition, proper entrances and exits will be built for which a toll-way fee will be applied,” he added.

Highway Seven to Expand to Eight Lanes - pattaya - times - news - Pattaya Times News - highway - 7

 The traffic congestion of heavy trucks on the way to Laem Chabang Port will be reduced if Highway 7 expands to 8 lanes.

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