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Calling Out to All the B-Boys

Visith Pinpawong 18.06.2012 00:27
These talented boys contested during last year’s battle.

These talented boys contested during last year’s battle.

Central Center North Pattaya will be hosting a ‘B Boy Battle’ competition on July 28-29. Applications are now open, but hurry, because they are only accepting 40 teams. The competition is divided into two categories; a ‘one on one’, and a ‘B Boy Battle’ consisting of three members. Those who are competing in the ‘one on one’ can also compete in the B Boy Battle.

As for the B Boy Battle category, two teams will compete at the same time where each team will alternately sent in a representative where they will dance battle each other for a total of five minutes. The DJ will play mix music non-stop. The judge will wave the flag with the color of their favorite team in which the winning team must receive two picks out of three judges. If any of the judges decides not to vote then the two teams are considered tied. If this is the case then the two teams would have to battle again.

The winner of the one on one will receive prize money of 4,000 baht. The first runner-up will receive 3,000 baht and the second runner-up will receive 2,000 baht and 1,000 baht for consolation prize.

As for the team category, the winning team will win 10,000 baht, 5,000 baht for the second place, 3,000 baht for the third place and 1,000 for the fourth place.

Those who are interested can apply at Central Center North Pattaya or email  or call 089-5306064.

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These talented boys contested during last year’s battle.

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