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Secrets Bar & Hotel Raid Leads to Foreign Manager’s Arrest

Sources: Howard Miller Interviews Ben on YouTube, and CSD arrest report By Wittaya Yensabai, Pattaya Times 18.06.2012 00:00
Manager Larry Grayhart taken into custody by Bangkok Crime Suppression Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai Manojaroensub from Pattaya Secrets Bar on Walking Street.

Manager Larry Grayhart taken into custody by Bangkok Crime Suppression Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai Manojaroensub from Pattaya Secrets Bar on Walking Street.

National Police Crackdown on Human Trafficking in Pattaya

“Pattaya Secrets” nightclub in Soi 14 Walking Street Pattaya was raided in the early morning of June 13th leading to the arrest and jailing of its manager, American national Larry Lee Grayhart, 56-years old.

Arrested with him was Pattaya Secrets “mamasan” and Thai national Ms. Chuchai Kaetsopha, 31-years old.

Thailand Crime Suppression Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai Manojaroensub led his undercover police team to raid the Secrets nightclub after being informed of alleged prostitution and possible underage girls working on the premises.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai and his undercover team are based at the Bangkok headquarters of the Crime Suppression Division, which is under the Command of Police General Supisarn Pakdeenaruenart.

One source close to the investigation said police were looking into allegations that a 14-year-old Thai girl working as a maid at Secrets Pattaya was impregnated by a “foreign manager” – a story not yet substantiated.

In a YouTube video with interviewer Howard Miller, his fellow British national and friend, referred to only as  “Ben”, is said to be the “Proprietor” and “General Manager” of Secrets. 

Ben said, “We have done everything legally and by the book.”

Howard Miller notes he himself is a frequent visitor-- confirmed by a photo of Howard Miller appearing on the wall of Secrets. Mr. Miller goes on to state to Ben, “I notice when you work mostly during the night, you are always looking around observing customers and staff.”

Ben replied, “I’m always helping to train my staff”, and added “We are offering extremely good quality at a reasonable price.”

The police report states, “Secrets nightclub offers rooms for their clients in which their female staff could do whatever the client desires until he reaches climax by mouth, hands or during sexual intercourse.”

Undercover police were told by an alleged prostitute the female staff would receive 2,000 baht while 500 baht would be used to pay for the room which the club provides, and the other 500 baht represents the bar fine.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai went undercover along with seven other undercover police pretending to be visitors.

One of the foreign undercover police volunteers requested suspect Number 2, Ms. Chichai, to service him, asking her about the services offered at Secrets.

Ms. Chuchai informed him that he “needs to pay 3,000 baht for sex.”

Suspect Number 1, Mr. Larry Lee Grayhart, manager of the club, was handed 3,000 baht cash, of which 1,000 baht was given to Ms. Chuchai (to pay for the room and the bar fine).

This was considered a prohibited act as Mr. Grayhart, the manager, demonstrated both his awareness of the situation and his direct involvement in the criminal action.

At this point, Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai arrested the suspects and took possession of a bag from Ms. Chuchai, along with money to be used as evidence and the receipt for Suspect Number 3 along with the room key.

The action of Mr. Grayhart is considered a criminal offense by “procuring and luring a woman to commit an obscene act for others to reach completion”. 

He was in the Pattaya jail awaiting court arraignment at the time of going to press.

Suspect Number 2, Ms. Chuchai, is considered guilty of “wandering and mingling in a prostitution center.”

The two suspects were taken to the Pattaya Police station where Mr. Grayhart denied all accusations, while Ms. Chuchai admitted to all accusations.

Secrets Bar & Hotel Raid Leads to Foreign Manager’s Arrest - Pattaya Times News - pattaya - times - secrets - bar

Bangkok Crime Suppression Police Lieutenant Colonel Kwanphichai Manojaroensub files criminal charges at the Pattaya Police station on Soi 9, against  Larry Grayhart after a sting operation revealed he participated in selling prostitution services.



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