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The World Oceans Day 2012 celebrated in Pattaya

15.06.2012 05:32
The World Oceans Day 2012 celebrated in Pattaya - pattaya - Pattaya Times News - times - news - hotel - dusit - d2 - world - ocean - day

The World Oceans Day recognised by the United Nation (UN) as an opportunity to celebrate and improve the health of the world’s oceans. Held every June 8th, the World Oceans Day is an event where people around the world celebrate, protect and honour those bodies of water which link us all.

Many global organisations, and thousands of individuals from around the world are taking their parts in the World Oceans Day to show their supports as well as increase the awareness of the importance of the world’s ocean in people’s daily lives by showing them ways to improve their impact on the ocean, for example, reducing CO2 emissions.

In Thailand, there is a small boutique hotel in Pattaya, the dusitD2 baraquda pattaya that has been trying to extend their well support towards the oceans by organising a campaign called ““The Release of baby clownfish to their Home Reefs” together with a group of volunteered divers in 2010 in honour of the World Oceans Day which later was recognized & awarded the first place winner at the ASEANTA Awards of Excellence 2011 in the category of Best ASEAN Conservation Effort.

The example initiative is all intended not only to encourage people in their own community, especially Pattaya, to think about what the ocean means to them, as well as what it has to offer all of us with hopes of conserving it for present and the future generations, but also to remind everyone to act as a caretaker of our oceans by making small modifications to our everyday habits that can greatly benefit our oceans.
The World Oceans Day 2012 celebrated in Pattaya - pattaya - Pattaya Times News - times - news - hotel - dusit - d2 - world - ocean - day

Once again this year, the organisers are trying to encourage people to reach out to young people in their community and help inspire them for the 2011-2012’s theme Youth: the Next Wave for Change by organising a similar activity. The hotel organise a trip to nearby islands to release about 100 baby clownfish into the waters & unoccupied sea anemones by 30 volunteer scuba divers. The Clownfish are provided by the Percular Farm in Sattahip, Thailand’s first and biggest clownfish farm which started breeding clownfish

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