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Pattaya Promotes New Green Awareness

Visith Pinpawong 08.03.2012 05:05
Near by Koh Larn Island has an electricity generating plant powered by solar and wind energy.

Near by Koh Larn Island has an electricity generating plant powered by solar and wind energy.

Local industries met with Pattaya City Council representatives for a seminar to underscore how important it is for the city to conserve its natural resources, recycle waste properly, and thereby keep the environment clean for future generations.

Pattaya Mayor Itthipol Kunplome; Mr. Sunsuk Jarun Ngampichek, MP from the Palang Chon Party; and Mr. Paramaysawon Ngampicheck, a Chonburi representative, opened the official Nature Awareness Seminar. Dr. Aekarin Wasanasong, an expert in Energy, Industry and the Environment, was the guest speaker.

The purpose of this seminar was to promote a “green awareness” and the proper use of natural resources. The participants stressed the need to educate the public on why we should protect our environment, and the negative consequences for this and future generations if we don’t. Industry, with its crucial role in the Thai economy, has a major role to play as a developer and user of natural resources. And this seminar taught the public to better understand how industry can assist the “green awareness” effort by using natural resources in a responsible manner, while protecting the environment and insuring the continuing availability of natural resources for future generations.

Mayor Kunplome stated that Pattaya is a world-renowned tourism destination, and for this reason we must protect and preserve our natural resources and the environment.  Pattaya must set an example and show that we truly care about our city, our land and environment.  For example, we must take care and maintain the trees that line Pattaya Beach.  We must do our best to conserve energy, recycle waste as best as possible, and care for our landscape so that we can maintain the beauty and nature of our beloved city.

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