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Get Away to the Huai Yai Resort Pattaya

Visith Pinpawong 08.03.2012 05:05
With a private swimming pool, you can truly relax at Huai Yai Resort.

With a private swimming pool, you can truly relax at Huai Yai Resort.

The Pattaya Floating Market is a great way to get away from the hectic Pattaya city life, especially when visiting the new Huai Yai Resort Pattaya – “nature with a view.”

Ms. Nipawanee Gunha, Public Relations Manager, Pattaya Floating Market, said this new resort offers nature, scenic views, and quiet forest areas to rest, relax, and unwind from your everyday worries. Each bungalow has its own garden and man-made lake that is breath-taking to see. You can also take part in water activities such as rowing, fishing, or swimming.

Huai Yai Resort is located in Huay Yai, approximately 4 kilometers off Sukhumvit Road.  Look for Wat Huai Yai as your landmark, then proceed 500 meters, and turn left at the big sand-colored wall.  For more info, call 038 706 340 or 038 239 664.  Visit their website at yai resort & home stay.

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