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Jet Ski World Cup Attracts International Racers

Demirali Caliskan 12.12.2011 22:40
Jet Ski competition taking place in Pattaya.

Jet Ski competition taking place in Pattaya.

Jet Ski King's Cup-World Cup Grand Prix 2011 is going to take place during December 2-4, 2011 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand. The Grand Slam features fierce and sizzling races in all 16 categories,

You will experience great fun and extreme excitement if you have an opportunity to witness this unique racing at the race site and feel the colourful atmosphere. Just imagine that all the racers have to sprint as fast as they can on the ever changing water with unpredictable waves to fight to be No.1 among the 18 racers in one race. They have to beat each other on their high-horsepowered craft that can escape the strong gravity more than 20 turns per round. Yes! This is the difficult test to the combination of good supporting team, engine, strong muscles, tolerance and quick body and brain communication in a split second.

This racing has been recorded as a history for the past 14 years. The first game took place in 1996 drawing racers from Thailand and neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore. Then, it expanded very quickly to cover the Asia Pacific region in 1997-1998, before it was open for racers from all over the world in 1999. With this non-stop development, this event has been well received internationally, reaching its peak in 2007 when racers from more than 18 countries came to race.

In 2008, ”the World Cup Grand Prix System” was introduced and acknowledged by the International Jet Sport Boating Association (IJSBA), with the objective to allow an equal opportunity to racers worldwide, which is in line with the standards of other international sports. Before the history is passed on to the next generation, this tournament with the double prestigious characteristics under the name “KING’S CUP – WORLD CUP GRAND PRIX” will stand as the moment that gives out the greatest experience to everybody.

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