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Pattaya Draws Russians as UK and US Markets Decline

Staff Writer 02.12.2011 21:55
Top ten tourists to Pattaya in 2010. Source: TAT Pattaya Office.

Top ten tourists to Pattaya in 2010. Source: TAT Pattaya Office.

Russians formed by far the largest number of tourists to Pattaya last year, accounting for almost a million visitors.

China was the second largest category, with slightly under half a million, followed by Taiwan and Germany.

By contrast, the United Kingdom accounted for only 93,000 visitors while the United States languished at the bottom of the top 10 table with 59,000, below Vietnam.

The figures are revealed by statistics newly released by the Tourism of Thailand Pattaya Office.

The TAT also records the fact that the floods sent Pattaya’s hotel occupancy rates soaring.

Between the period 21-24 October, hotel occupancy had stood at 75 percent, and houses/condominiums at 65 percent.

In the period 27-31 October, as the floods began to inundate large parts of Bangkok, the hotel occupancy rose to 90 percent and houses/condos to 100 percent.

Since these figures were compiled, it has been reported that Pattaya hotels are now registering 100 percent occupancy.

The number of visitors during October 21-24 was recorded at 197,405, and excursionists 7,188, and for the period 27-31 October these two categories had leapt to 316,445 and 27,852 respectively.

The latter period saw an estimated one billion baht pumped into the economy.

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