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Royal Cliff Pattaya Successfully Hosts Two Doctors' Conventions

Wanrapa Boonsu 20.11.2011 23:42
Prominent orthopaedic surgeons from all over Asia meet at the Royal Cliff in Pattaya for combined, annual conventions.

Prominent orthopaedic surgeons from all over Asia meet at the Royal Cliff in Pattaya for combined, annual conventions.

Because of the attraction of Pattaya and the world-class facilities at PEACH, the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall on the grounds of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group this local venue was once again chosen to host the  Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Orthopedic Surgeons of Thailand (RCOST) 2011 and the  Asian Orthopedic Association.

 The combined meeting of the 33rd Annual Meeting of (The Royal College of Orthopedic Surgeons of Thailand) RCOST 2011 and the 31st Asian Orthopedic Association themed “Orthopedic Trauma and Military Medicine”, were again held at the Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH) a flagship of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group.

This magnificent event was attended by 1,000 Thai and international participants including prestigious members of Thailand’s medical community; Dr. Dussadee Tattanond, Chairman of the Organizing committee, Dr. Adisorn Patradul, President of the RCOST, Dr. Saranatra Waikakul, AOA President 2012, Dr. Suthorn Bavonratanavech, Pre-President Elected of AO foundation and Dr. Thamrongrat Keokarn, Chairman of the Opening Ceremony.  The participants were accommodated at all four of the property’s 5-star hotels.

RCOST is a professional organization which supports the education and development of orthopedic surgeons with the aims for superior efficiency, great services to society as well as leadership in Asia.  Highlights throughout the event include the presentation of certificates to recently inducted RCOST members, bestowing medal awards for Presidential of AOA, the turnover of the ASEAN Presidency from Dr. Peter Lee to Dr. Saranatra Waikakul, and granting a token of appreciation to Dr. Suthorn Bavoratanavech as he takes up the position of Pre-President Elected of AO foundation.

For this event, PEACH had an impressive medical exhibition held in conjunction with the symposiums. Renowned manufacturers of medical equipment and products, pharmaceutical companies, and book-sellers displayed the latest, cutting-edge innovations in the medical world.  Participants were also able to take part in exciting and enlightening plenary lectures, specialty lectures, electronics presentations, interactive workshops and instructive course lectures in PEACH.

In addition to the incredibly educational medical exhibition and impressive award ceremonies, RCOST arranged for competitive and spirited events like a basketball tournament at Fitz Club- Health & Fitness Centre and an early morning run around Royal Cliff Hotels Group exotic property to get hearts racing and blood pumping.

For the final celebration on the evening of the 23rd of October a spectacular Congress dinner was held at PEACH; where popular Thai musical artists Lydia and Khun-In Band, entertained the participants all night long with their extraordinary musical talents and unique performance styles.

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