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Purchasing a Condominium in Thailand by Drew Noyes

Drew Noyes, PAPPA Co., Ltd. Law Office Pattaya Times newspaper and website 04.07.2011 20:39

Dear Mr Noyes, I will be visiting Pattaya by November this year and hope to use your services to purchase a condo in Pattaya. I am arranging the funds now, can you answer the following question for me.

Can i get the bank in the U.K. to transfer the amount due in Thai baht, they make the exchange in the U.K. and when it goes into the account in Thailand it is in Thai baht ?

Look forward to your reply.




Dear Mike,

Thank you for your question. We look forward to helping you purchase a condo in November and will accompany you to the Land Office and also review or prepare the proper Purchase and Sale Agreement and confirm the seller is the current owner with an unrestricted right to sell to you as a foreigner. We also check to make sure there are no outstanding bills for the Homeowners' Association, electric, etc.

As to your question, do not EVER send Thai funds to Thailand. You can not get a Inbound Wire Transfer letter from your Thai bank which allows you to send the same amount of money back to England in the future if the funds are not received at the Thai bank in a foreign currency like pounds. Send the amount needed in pounds and let the Thai bank change it into Thai baht.

Feel free to send me any other questions or concerns.


Drew Noyes

PAPPA Co., Ltd. Law Office.

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