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Ask Drew-Buying and owning a Condo in Thailand

Drew Noyes 08.06.2011 00:30

Hi Drew, It's Paul one of the people who bought a "condo" at Moon Light Hill on Pratamnak Hill. First of all thanks, I told Jeff etc that you wont let him down and would help him with the condo he bought at Moon Light Hill off the plan five years ago. Now that it is built, they say he can not own it.


Secondly, I have a friend Emma who is in the same position as Jeff and she is now looking for her documents in the UK and hopefully I will be able to bring them back for you. I believe she has exactly the same documents with condominium written on them as Jeff has. I said there may be a possibility that if they have no money then maybe that you are able to do something with the apartments they own. She did ask "Well how good is Drew Noyes?" I told her to google you and her reply was."Well you cant get better than that.!".

My documents at the moment have only the words "apartments" on them, but I am actively looking for something with condominium written on them and I think I may have actually something implying this but I am struggling to get a receipt for my payment from them at the moment, even though they were paid nearly five years ago now.

It is terrible as people like them give Pattaya a bad name and it effects the credibility of decent developers and makes people very twitchy about buying in Pattaya and it gives Thailand a bad name overall.

The main reason I am writing to you is I am back home at the moment in the UK and I have a couple of family issues I am dealing with and it may delay my return.

I have to report my 90 day TM47 by the 12th june and may  not get back in time.

I have attached photocopies of my passport pages and a completed TM47 and wondered if I am not able to get back because of my circumstances here if you could sort it for me please.

Or is it imperative that I am actually in the country?

Anyway thanks Drew.

Look forward to hearing from you.

My very kind regards.

Paul. UK

Hi Paul,

Nice to hear from you.  We needed a few weeks to do our investigations and now are moving rapidly to try to resolve the ownership problems at Moon Light Hill on Pratamnak Soi 6.

What was sold as a condominium is now an apartment and if buyers paid all the money and were then told years later after the building is completed they can not own the condo, but rather, will get only a lease, then there is legal action we can take to assist those buyers. We have received no response from the Managing Directors.

One listed as a Managing Director died several years ago we have learned. The other two are out of the country and have not replied to our phone calls to them at their homes in the UK or to our emails or registered letter.

Also, the registered office of the company for Moon Light Hill called Athena Co., Ltd. also seems to be only a front because there is no sign on the building and another completely different office operates out of that address.

About your 90-day reporting, you do not need to report every 90 days if you have left the country.  You report 90 after your last entry into the country without re-entry. So if you are out of country you don't need to report until 90 days after you return to Thailand.

Best wishes,



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