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Getaway to Idyllic Mae Phim, Rayong

Roger Rae Harpel 18.05.2011 02:57
White sand beaches align this scenic stretch of paradise.

White sand beaches align this scenic stretch of paradise.

Located just over a one hour drive southeast of Pattaya, Laem Mae Phim offers an attractive destination for either a weekend holiday retreat or a permanent residence far away from home. Laem in Thai translates to “cape” as the rugged volcanic outcrop at the point of land’s end gives rise to this area’s name.


Just 20 minutes east of the Ban Phe Pier’s ferry service to nearby Koh Samet, the short drive to Mae Phim is an enchanting tree lined ride with views of ten nearby islands that stand guard just offshore. Long frequented by Thais from Bangkok as a popular weekend destination, several hotels and many restaurants have taken root making Mae Phim both convenient and comfortable.

Characteristic clean waters of this natural setting invite those who desire an enriching swim in the Gulf of Thailand.

The meandering curves and gentle gradient of this roadway makes nearly perfect terrain for ones who prefer peddle power as their preferred transport system.

For those with more luck than the awaiting fish, the varied shoreline affords intervening rocky outcrops where one can tempt a catch from these fertile waters. If a boat is your preferred fishing platform, a range of day hires may be readily arranged from operators along this shoreline.

If you prefer that others catch and prepare the seafood delights you most enjoy eating, clusters of friendly cook stalls line this wide highway. If your taste in food leans more toward the international flavor, the Tequila Sunrise restaurant in Mae Phim’s central business district is set to tease your appetite to full satisfaction.

These and other charming features have drawn many to establish their retirement residence or vacation home to these inviting parts. This is especially true for people from lands affronting the Baltic Sea. Swedish is the prime “2nd language” in these parts. The combination of tropical seashore and gently sloping hillsides are a delight to the eye that has captured the hearts of Nordic people in particular.

For example, Mae Phim Eco Garden Villas is a boutique style village of 18 homes just 800 meters from the sea. A 3-bed/2-bath home fitted to European standard including Western kitchen sells for 2,450,000 Baht. And for non-Thai persons, “virtual ownership” via the 30 year leasehold route is an attractive option. This development is represented in Pattaya by English speaking Khun Nok of AAA Services, (081)710-3038,

Mae Phim beach is located approximately 50 kilometers east of shopping centers in Rayong city (half hour ride) and can be reached from Sukhumvit Road (Highway 3) by taking a right turn at Km.268 and continuing on to the seashore.

If you’re searching for a tropical weekend or permanent home destination that is within easy driving distance of Pattaya then Mae Phim is well worth serious consideration.

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