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AIS Joins Forces with 3BB to Develop Thailand’s Largest Wifi Network

Siripun Sinbuathong 12.04.2011 04:43
AIS Joins Forces with 3BB to Develop Thailand’s Largest Wifi Network - Pattaya Times News

AIS recently joined forces with 3BB to develop Thailand’s largest wifi network.

Mr. Wichian Mektrakarn, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS said  “As an Operator, our role is to ceaselessly source the best technology for customers. Besides the EDGE Plus network reaching countrywide coverage and 3G in Chiangmai, Huahin, Nakornrachasrima and Chonburi, we have achieved remarkable progress with the cooperation between two major organizations AIS and 3BB in delivering the unprecedented network.”

Mr. Pete Bodharamik, Chief Executive Office of Jasmine International Group, unveiled “During the past few years, Smart phones have become increasingly popular. Lifestyle of service users has been redefined. Most people spend time outside their houses. However Internet access demand never stops. Perceiving the market opportunity we currently have available 15,000 spots throughout the country with the plan to expand to 50,000 spots by the end of this year.”

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