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Thai ID Cards Now Being Issued in Pattaya After Lengthy Delays

Visith Pinpawong 02.04.2011 06:54
Ms. Duangkaew Choichoo as she happily shows her card after the long wait.

Ms. Duangkaew Choichoo as she happily shows her card after the long wait.

The Ministry of Interior recently approved and distributed 300,000 Thai smart identification cards nationwide. After a long dispute regarding manufacturers and the cards being produced under the wrong regulations, the Ministry of Interior has approved the cards and distributed them to Pattaya allowing citizens to renew their ID cards.


Mr. Wisithsuk Wongworrachat, Registration Officer at the Pattaya Permanent Secretary Office exclusively told the Pattaya Times.

“The Ministry has distributed some of the 300,000 cards to 200 different registrar offices across the country on March 11. On March 21, the ministry distributed the rest to 878 registrar offices including Pattaya. So we have been able to issue Thai ID cards since March 21.”

“Those who are holding the yellow ID substitute can come in to get their smart card immediately without having to take new photos. All they have to do is bring the yellow paper substitute, verify their fingerprint and their information will be stored on the bilingual smart card.

The cards can be obtained immediately. The process takes about 10-15 minutes,” he added.

“Due to the limited number of staff, the wait might be longer than usual. For those who do not want to wait in line they can still use their yellow substitute,” he continued.

Those who are holding a Thai smart ID card that was produced in contrast with the standard set by the ministry no longer have to worry as the ministry has approved those cards as well.

 Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome is urging all Thais who live in Pattaya but are still registered in their home provinces to register their address in Pattaya. This will allow them to vote in the Pattaya City elections and benefit from being able to choose who they want to be in power.

Thai ID Cards Now Being Issued in Pattaya After Lengthy Delays - Pattaya Times News - thai - id - card

A fingerprint scan verifies the card owner.

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