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Preparations Underway for Pattaya’s Fun Filled Songkran Celebration

Wanarapa Boonsu 26.03.2011 05:08
Songkran is one of Thailand's funnest festivals with people of all nationalities and ages participating.

Songkran is one of Thailand's funnest festivals with people of all nationalities and ages participating.

This year’s Songkran festival will be held in Pattaya from April 18-20. The objective of the Songkran festival is to promote and maintain the beautiful and fun Thai tradition as well as enhance the city's tourism and cultural transmission to the foreign eye.


This year’s water-splashing festival will begin at 7am on April 18 at Larn Pho Public Park, Naklua. There will be interesting and fun activities including a parade consisting of flower decorated cars along with a parade of Buddha statues. There will also be Thai cultural performances by local students that will end with the people of Naklua enjoying the rest of the day playing Songkran.

A similar celebration can be expected on April 19 beginning at Wat Chai Mongkol, South Pattaya. The parade in Pattaya will begin at Wat Chai Mongkol going onto Pattaya Second Road then to the Pattaya Beach Road before ending at Wat Chai Mongkol.

On this day the people in Pattaya will be out on the streets throwing and shooting water at each other. Some roads will be closed, possibly Pattaya Beach Road. Further announcements will be made.

As for April 20, the Larn Pho Public Park and Wat Yai area will host a special event that is not held in anywhere else in Thailand but Chonburi which will include a sling shot competition, Takraw Lot Huang competition, water boxing match, climbing up an oiled pole competition as well as other competitive yet laughable games.


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