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Letter to the editor-90 day reporting

11.03.2011 18:08

Hi Drew, Congratulations on a good job working with immigration. The mailing 90 day program will be a big benefit for long staying foreigners.

If you have a chance to make more inputs to Col. Chusak, you might ask him to consider separating the function of issuing single and multiple re-entry stamps from the process of issuing visa extensions. The current waiting time for that to be completed is very long and often we are told to come back tomorrow because by the time we pick up our passport from the from station 6 get a copy of the new visa and get up to the counter to get a re-entry stamp it is very late in the day. That means it would take 3 trips to Immigration. Very time consuming and not fun to go all that way.

If the re entry stamp process could be combined and completed some time during the time the passport was being held over night at station 6 It would shorten the long line at the combined re-entry stamp and visa extension station. I think this could be a win win situation for Immigration and for long staying foreigners. I think the Immigration personnel do a really good job. I am always impressed with how they can handle both the large volume and variety of people they have to deal with. It's the process itself that can be streamlined and it sounds like Col Chusak is trying to do that which is very encouraging.

Since long staying foreigners on retirement visas bring a lot of money to Thailand, I see nothing wrong with giving them the courtesy of a smoother visa process. Also, as you frequently report on, they bring a lot of talent that benefits Thailand free of charge such as charity and volunteer work.

Always interesting articles in the Pattaya Times, keep up the good work.

Dave Anderson

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