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Introducing Frugal Freddy Pattaya Dining Club

Hawaii Bob 20.01.2011 03:14

About Us: The Frugal Freddy dining group is a Special Interest Group within the Pattaya City Expat Club (PCEC) run by a member named Hawaii Bob. “As an expat living here in Pattaya for 6 years I’ve seen the Value of the dollar shrink by 30%, inflation in Thailand raise by 25% so I and others like me have to stretch their dollar or Euro or pound to limits that require innovative thinking to keep up with the lifestyle we want to enjoy. Even cutting out or down on the alcohol, avoiding go-go bars and the temptations that go with it requires additional creative endeavors to live within my current budget, thus Frugal Freddy was born.”

 We have over 200 members on our e-mail database, we send out notices on Friday and Sunday where we are meeting this week, and 20 to 40 of us show up for dinner at 6pm on Monday. The restaurants are never busy at 6pm on Monday and welcome the business. As inducement they give us a 20% discount on food and drink. If you are finding your budget stretched or you want to meet a group of friendly expats once a week or when you are in town send Hawaii Bob an e-mail to get on his list. Participating restaurants are marked on a Google Map called Frugal Freddy Pattaya along with a brief description of the fare offered by that restaurant. If you are a current card carrying member of PCEC you are offered the 20% discount any time you visit these restaurants and show your membership card. Membership cards are available at the weekly PCEC meeting on Sunday Morning 9:30 at the Amari Hotel “Tavern by the Sea” restaurant on beach road.

Attention Restaurant Owners:  If you value the Expat Community as customers and would like to find out more about the program and how you might participate in getting 70 new customers a year at no out of pocket advertising cost e-mail me with your name, Restaurant name and location and your phone number and I will set appointment to stop by.

E-mail: Attn. Expats if you would like to get on mailing list to join us on Monday evening or to keep up with new additions or changes send me a message with subject: Frugal Freddy and I will add you to the list.

Comments and testimonials from some of our members: “If you like to eat. If you like to save money. If you like to meet other people who share your experience in coming to Thailand from another culture,  if you like to find a new place each week to do these thing. And, most importantly, if you want someone else to do all of the work of finding the restaurants, getting the discounts, getting the schedule out and greeting you at the door as a newcomer, then join Hawaii Bob in his Frugal Freddy Monday Night Dinners.” Doug C

About Frugal Freddy: Not only were the prices very low, but we get more bang for the buck(baht) than at other restaurants I have eaten at. Sometimes the price and the ambiance have so exceeded my expectations, I could hardly believe it. And it's a great way to get to know people I would not otherwise have connected with.  I have discovered new Thai and other ethnic restaurants that I may not have visited. That's because Bob has sampled their food before adding restaurants to the list, so it's almost like the food is "pre-tasted". In short, the risk is minimal, the food often interesting and different and the price is almost always well within my budget. Two thumbs up!  Len L

Mamma Mia: I enjoyed my 4 Stagioni. Ambiance very nice. Joe Mc

Mamma Mia: Best lasagna in Pattaya.  Steve A

Canterbury Tales:  the food simple but good & sufficient!  The books tend to over-whelm me & i have to force myself to stop at 6!! Leonard & Pattra

Canterbury Tales:  a very friendly casual place to have on the list.

Street Life deli/restaurant and art gallery: a welcome addition to culinary choice in Thailand, authentic cuisine, and the prices are right. Art G.

Street Life deli/restaurant and art gallery: The food is delicious and portion sizes are just right. Mara S.

Street Life deli/restaurant and art gallery: Ribs were great. Turkey was moist and tasty. Susan and Steven

Restaurant Review from Hawaii Bob and Hawaii Tim (former Chef and Gourmet diner)

Hawaii Bob says “Bob’s BBQ & Mexican food restaurant located on Soi LK Metro is my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in Pattaya. It has changed hands and the new owner Dale, also from Texas is constantly changing things for the better. This is the home of the Guinness hall of fame 36 kg (78 lb) record World’s biggest burger. This must be special ordered 1 week in advance and price depends on Market. If you are not quite that hungry he has 15 different “Wagon Wheel” burgers on the menu ranging from B445 to B515, these have 3.5 pounds of Ground Chuck and if 1 person eats it all in 15 minutes it is free, 45 minutes is ½ price. If you are not trying for the discount it is ok to share with 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 people. Recently some things I have tried range from appetizers of wrapped Jalapeño poppers stuffed with cream cheese B100 (Zesty but not too Testy makes the beer go down refreshingly), Guacamole & Tortilla Chips B145 (in season) good, Buffalo wings with a mild sauce (I had to add some of his hot sauce to get it to my taste), Tex-Mex Chili B100 (has a little bite) available with or without rice. I often stop by for his B99 lunch specials i.e. Pulled pork sandwich with homemade BBQ sauce, this is piled high and comes with French Fries B99 or his Quarter pounder that they let me “have it my way” (medium rare) onions, lettuce, tomatoes and French fries B99. The menu includes a wide range of Mexican food that Dale creates the proper spices for, based on being taught by a Mexican immigrant when Dale was younger and worked in a Mexican Restaurant. Some things that I have tried and like are the Enchiladas that I found a trifle dry until I used the sauces that came in 3 cups on the side. (Spicy salsa, mild salsa and sour cream). Sides included the standard Mexican rice and refried beans.

Note: This month at Bob’s BBQ from noon til 8pm all drinks from water to pitchers of Margarita’s are buy 1 get 1 free.

Dale has a 8’ smoker located on the roof that he uses a secret mix of wood chips, his hand rubbed ribs and chickens blend in the refrigerator for 24 hours before smoking for 6, and both of those are fantastic (If you are a rib lover you will come back again and again).

Dales smoked meats and side dishes are the highlight of my dining there. I used to have a smoker in Hawaii but never achieved the results that Dale does. Some of my favorite side dishes are his BBQ baked beans, not from a can and doctored but made by the staff from dried beans and spices, Cole Slaw is excellent in taste but the kitchen staff have to learn to chop the cabbage not blend it in blender.

Former Chef Hawaii Tim’s Comments: Bob's BBQ, Have eaten at Bob's BBQ a number of times in the past, but only twice under the new management. The burgers are always good, but the jalapenos poppers are excellent and I highly recommend them. The other night I had the shrimp basket and the shrimp was very good and tender not overcooked. The cocktail sauce was good but I would add a little horseradish to it.

Yesterday had chicken enchiladas that were Ok the spicy enchiladas salsa was more to my taste than the milder version. Guacamole was the best I have had so far in Pattaya.

I am not a baked beans fan probably as a result of eating baked beans out of a can in my youth, but was pleasantly surprised by the sweet smoky flavor and will absolutely have them again.

The smoked pork loin had a nice smoky taste and was moist but a little tough.

From the smoker (Bob's specialty) I had the chicken and ribs. The rub and smoky flavor was great and the meat just fell of the bone of the ribs. Dale has promised to put a brisket into his smoker as a test and I can’t wait!

The Buffalo chicken wings were OK but if I were them I would try working on the BBQ sauce.

All in all I would highly recommend Bob's BBQ for all of those who have a hankering for real Tex/Mex food.

Currently the participating restaurants are: Shish Indian Restaurant   $$  Subway (beach road only)   $$ Afarinesh Iranian   $$ Canterbury Tales restaurant and used Books store $$  Little Italy Restaurant $$$$  Mulligan’s Irish bar & Restaurant $$$$  El Paso Steak House $$$  Aloha Restaurant $$$$  Tequila Reef Cantina $$$  Pig and Whistle English Restaurant $$$  Bowling Green Restaurant $$  Jolly Friar Restaurant $$  Mamma Mia $$$  Bob’s Burgers & BBQ & Mexican  $$$  Street Life Deli and Restaurant $$$. $$ = B100 – B150  $$$ = B 150 – B250  $$$$ = B250+     (Prices for a complete meal including beverage after discounts)

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